Clubs and Organizations

Are you a student that enjoys certain activities or hobbies and are not sure if there are others on campus who enjoy those same things? Or do you want to meet some new friends and be a part of a group?

Casper College offers over 35 different clubs and organizations that spark a wide array of interest. If any of these below interest you, please feel free to contact the club advisors listed. They would love to give you more information.

Student Governmental Organization

Associated Students of Casper College: Student Senate

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Kim Byrd, Jared Bowden
  • Club President (2015-16): Jordan Gill

Student Activities Board

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Nick Whipps

Residence Hall Council

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Barbara Meryhew

Other Organizations

Association of Dance Performance Students of CC (The Flight)
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Jodi Youmans-Jones
Association of Theatre Performance & Technical Students (The Bakkai)
  • Jodi Jones
Baptist Collegiate Ministries of Casper College (BCM)
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Jason Katzmann
  • Club President: Levi Weathers
Campus Ventures
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Ardell Knudson
  • Club President: Chantelle Sternberg
  • Campus Ventures is an inter denominational Christian organization for students and staff of Casper College that gives a setting to gather for worship and praise. The primary purposes would include: providing fellowship, training in discipleship as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and offering opportunities to reach out and share this love of God with others. This would inculde sevice opportunities during breaks or summer months.
Campus Democrats
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Erich Frankland
  • Club President: Ashlee Patricelli
  • Campus Democrats is a student organization that is designed to appeal to students from most ideological and political positions.  It is involved in activities on campus, such as sponsoring speakers and promoting issue awareness for all students, and off campus, such as participating in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. activities and assisting with voter registration efforts.
Chess Club
  • Adivsor/Sponsor: Joe Simon

Computer Science

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Kevin Lenth
  • Club President: Tyler Banning

Criminal Justice Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Art Washut
  • Club President: Haley Hansen
  • This club is an organization consisting of students from CC and UW/CC who are CJ majors or interested in criminal justice.  The club is active in campus activities and service projects.  For example, each fall the club is involved with a campus and a community-wide DUI prevention effort.  The club frequently travels to tour prisons, police academies, jails, crime laboratories or to ride-along with various police departments.  In even numbered years the club usually goes to Phoenix, AZ during spring break!  To make these trips possible, the students engage in a variety of fundraising activities.

Culture Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Julia Whyde
  • Club President: Jamie Smith

Entemology and Bee Keeping

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Dave Zoby
  • Club President: Jordan Burke
Fire Science Club
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Dale Anderson
  • Club President: John Saulsbury

Fitting and Showing Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Jeremy Burkett
  • Club President: Matthew Winterholler
  • If you enjoy fitting and showing animals or livestock interest you, Fitting and Showing Club is the perfect fit! Students have the opportunity to further their knowledge on how to properly care for and prepare the 3 primary species (cattle, pigs, sheep) for show day. Not only does this club allow hands on activities and learning, but it also includes classroom time learning about how to properly feed and care for all livestock!
French Club
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Charles Ewing
  • Club President: Chandra Roush
Geology Club
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Melissa Connely
  • Club President: Coulter Reed
German Club
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Charles Ewing
  • Club President: Chandra Roush

International Students Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Ardell Knudson
  • The International Students Club is open to any Casper College student. It exists to provide the Interrnational students studying at Casper College an opportunity to foster the following:
    • A support network as these individuals adjust to college life in the US and particularly Wyoming. Some assistance with legal requirements and immigration rules while studying in the US. An opportunity to share some of their special and unique backgrounds and cultural heritage with some of the elementary and secondary students of Casper as well as the students at Casper College. The goal for this club is to help these International students have a better experience during their time here and that the college community could fully benefit from their presence.

Japanese Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Hiroki Yamamoto

Latter Day Saint Student Assoc. (LDSA)

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Evert Brown, Kendall Jacobs
  • Club President: Joshua Williams
Livestock Judging Club
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Jeremy Burkett
  • Club President: Tyler Pickenpaugh

National Association of Science Teachers

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Jason Katzman
  • Club President: Zachary Usry

Occupational Therapy Assistants Club (OTA)

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Missy Neff
  • Club President: emily Bakar, Brittney Eklund

Oil City Ag Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Heath Hornecker, Tom Parker, Marty Finch
  • Club President: Ty Shockley

Opera Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Kristin Lenth
  • Club President: Eron Lampman
Phi Rho Pi (Forensics)
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Doug Hall
  • Club President: Tyler Pierce
  • Phi Rho Pi is committed to increasing knowledge and appreciation of the forensics arts at junior and community colleges by fostering growth, development and participation in the activity. Established in 1929, it has the honor of being one of the oldest forensics organizations in the United States.

Ropin'n Riggin Rodeo Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Tom Parker

Rugby Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Evan Fife

Shanklin Travers Addictionology Resource Society of Casper College (STARS)

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Diana Quealy-Berge
  • Club President: Heidi Umberger
  • STARS [Shanklin Travers Addiction Resource Society] is a Casper College Student Organization for students interested in Substance Abuse and Dependency prevention, treatment and research, as well for those interested in a career in the helping professions.

Social Science Club

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Chad Hanson
  • Club President: Ariane Johnson

Student Association of Respiratory Care (SARC)

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Doug Neubert
  • The mission of the Student Association of Respiratory Care is to promote public awareness of the respiratory care profession, participate in community services, health promotions and educational activities. The SARC is involved also in fund raising to support goals of advancing the education of its club members.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Joe Simon
Student Nurses' Association
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Marilyn Hall, Marianne Madariaga
Student Pharmacy Association
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Sheri Roumell

Student Radiographer Association

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Lauri Weaver
  • Club President: Codi Francis


  • Advisor/Sponsor: Kyle Melton
  • Club President: Nathan Kinder
Veterans Club
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Lisa Goss
  • Club President: Cole Barber
Welding and Auto Body Club
  • Advisor/Sponsor: Darrin Miller
  • Club President: John Cramer

UW - Technical Education Collegiate Association

  • Advisor/Sponsor: Rod Thompson
  • Club President: Jim Fulkerson