Clubs and Organizations

Are you a student that enjoys certain activities or hobbies and are not sure if there are others on campus who enjoy those same things? Or do you want to meet some new friends and be a part of a group?

Casper College offers many different clubs and organizations that spark a wide array of interest. If any of these below interest you, please feel free to contact the club advisors listed. They would love to give you more information.

Club Handbook and Forms

The following documents are available on the Student Senate MyCCMoodle Page:

  • Club Handbook
  • Club Good Standing Checklist
  • Senate Funding Request
  • Club Officer List
  • Club Member Roster
  • Community Service Completion Form
  • Food Drive or Student Activity Completion Form
  • Fundraising Request Form
  • Non-Affiliated Speaker Form

Student Travel Forms

The following forms are available on the Student Senate MyCCMoodle Page:

  • Travel Request Form
  • Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Release and Indemnification Agreement
  • Student Request to Drive a Private Vehicle

Student Government

Associated Students of Casper College: Student Senate

Student Senate give students in the opportunity to be involved in hands on learning organizational structure, college issues, political process, decision making, budgeting, allocating and leadership among other things.

Clubs and Organizations

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Have you ever been curious about learning sign language? ASL Club welcomes you!  Come join in our activities and events monthly with or without a knowledge of sign language. Our focus is communication, interaction, and fun.

Art Club

Association of Dance Performance Students of CC (The Flight)

Association of Dance Performers, ADP, is an energetic club involved in the campus  and Casper community, fundraising, travel, and making dance a seen event in people of all ages. This club enjoys teaching workshops to all ages, raising funds to help travel to the American College Dance Association conference, and helping the community through face painting, Big Brothers Big Sisters, introducing dance of all genres, and supporting the student senate. Come shine and be a part of something creative!

Audubon Club

For all those who love nature, bird-watching, and want to learn more about environmental conservation.This student chapter will learn about and protect wildlife and the places they need, today and tomorrow. This club aims to work with different community partners and national chapters like the Marie Audubon Society to help preserve conservation through education.

Broadway Bound

Broadway Bound, a club for all who are interested in all things theatrical–from acting to improvisation to audience participation! This club is the place for folks who loved doing theatre in High School and want to stay connected!

Campus Democrats

Campus Democrats is a student organization that is designed to appeal to students from most ideological and political positions.  It is involved in activities on campus, such as sponsoring speakers and promoting issue awareness for all students, and off campus, such as participating in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. activities and assisting with voter registration efforts.

Campus Ventures

Campus Ventures is an inter denominational Christian organization for students and staff of Casper College that gives a setting to gather for worship and praise. The primary purposes would include: providing fellowship, training in discipleship as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and offering opportunities to reach out and share this love of God with others. This would include service opportunities during breaks or summer months.

Collegiate Ministries of Casper College (CM)

Computer Science Club

The computer science club welcomes all Casper College students with an interest in computers. The club meets weekly to socialize and learn about topics related to computers, computer science and related fields. The club regularly participates in on-line Capture the Flag event involving introductory cybersecurity challenges.

Criminal Justice Club

This club is an organization consisting of students from CC and UW/CC who are CJ majors or interested in criminal justice.  The club is active in campus activities and service projects.  For example, each fall the club is involved with a campus and a community-wide DUI prevention effort.  The club frequently travels to tour prisons, police academies, jails, crime laboratories or to ride-along with various police departments.  In even numbered years the club usually goes to Phoenix, AZ during spring break!  To make these trips possible, the students engage in a variety of fundraising activities.

Digital Learning Center Club (DLC Club)

Expression Magazine

Expression Literary and Arts Magazine, est. 1964 is proud to showcase the very best creative work of students from Casper College and the University of Wyoming at Casper.

Economics Club

The Casper College Economics Club offers a forum for discussion and critical thinking in all aspects of life regarding human action, markets, public policy, and the advancement of human civilization. The club offers a weekly reading group for students seeking to further their understanding of economics, stressing how crucial economics is to making better decisions in our lives personally and professionally in a thoughtful and digestible manner. Come explore the motivations, machinations, ideas, and ideologies that shape our world with other curious student minds and faculty advisor Big Jim Chappelow.

Esports Club

Esports at Casper College aims to promote a positive community of competitive gamers. This club hosts events like “Super Smash Bros.” tournaments each semester along with working with local community eSports teams to help coach students interested in the rising sport. This club also hosts multiple show matches between local schools and the University of Wyoming each semester.

Fire Science Club

Fitting and Showing Club

If you enjoy fitting and showing animals or livestock interest you, Fitting and Showing Club is the perfect fit! Students have the opportunity to further their knowledge on how to properly care for and prepare the 3 primary species (cattle, pigs, sheep) for show day. Not only does this club allow hands on activities and learning, but it also includes classroom time learning about how to properly feed and care for all livestock!

Geoscience Club

Indigenous Student Alliance

Indigenous Student Alliance (ISA) was created in the fall semester of 2022. It is geared toward providing a “home” away from home and to support indigenous students as they go through their academic journey while attending Casper College. Although, it is a small club we still hope to become a bigger part of Casper College life.  One of the largest events is the annual powwow. The community event is held in April and is based on the traditional community powwow. There are dancers, drummers games and other functions that bring Casper the college and the community-at-large together.  It is one of our biggest accomplishments and the club hopes to continue to grow as a club and have bigger events as well.

International Students Club

The International Students Club is open to any Casper College student. It exists to provide the international students studying at Casper College an opportunity to foster the following: A support network as these individuals adjust to college life in the U.S. and particularly Wyoming. Some assistance with legal requirements and immigration rules while studying in the U.S. An opportunity to share some of their special and unique backgrounds and cultural heritage with some of the elementary and secondary students of Casper as well as the students at Casper College. The goal for this club is to help these international students have a better experience during their time here and that the college community could fully benefit from their presence.

Latter Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)

LDSSA is a faith-based organization committed to providing a place where students can look forward to a brighter future through faith.  We welcome all Casper College students to join us for fun, games, relaxation, and companionship.

Livestock Judging Club

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) at Casper College

The NSLS is the largest leadership honor society in the United States. Our NSLS chapter at Casper College was started in 2016. Our local chapter is part of the national organization with 700+ chapters and over 1.4 million members. Students are selected based on exemplary academic achievement. More info about NSLS at Casper College.

Occupational Therapy Assistants Club (OTA)

Casper College OTA Club believes learning is the mastery of knowledge through supportive and challenging environments that offer academic and experiential learning opportunities that cultivate critical thinking and professionalism. Students in the OTA Club participate in a wide variety of hands-on service learning activities, advocacy and stewardship within the campus and the community.

Oil City Ag Club

Phi Rho Pi (Forensics)

Phi Rho Pi is committed to increasing knowledge and appreciation of the forensics arts at junior and community colleges by fostering growth, development and participation in the activity. Established in 1929, it has the honor of being one of the oldest forensics organizations in the United States.

Phi Theta Kappa – Zeta Alpha Chapter (PTK)

Today Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 1.5 million members and 1,200 chapters located in all 50 of the United States, U.S. territories, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Germany, Marshall Islands, MIcronesia, and Palau.  The innovative programs and services and array of membership benefits offered by Phi Theta Kappa are unequaled among honor societies. Co-curricular programs focus upon the Society’s Hallmark of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. It is estimated that 200,000 students participate in Phi Theta Kappa programs each year.  Annually, approximately 100,000 students are inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. To be eligible for membership a student must complete a minimum of 12 hours of associate degree course work and generally earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.  Membership in the Zeta Alpha Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is dependent upon the following qualifications: The student must have a Casper College cumulative GPA of 3.5; maintain enrollment in at least six credits in the semester in which the student becomes eligible and in which the student is initiated; be of good moral character; be a degree-seeking student; maintain full citizenship rights and have no felony convictions.

Psychology Club

In the Psychology club, we do acts of kindness for our community and community service work. Students would want to get involved in this club to get to know students at Casper College, involve themselves in community service activities, and talk about all things Psychology!

Running Club

The Casper College Running Club is for students looking to stay active or become active, while meeting new people here at Casper College. With bigger plans down the road, here in the beginning we will focus on short runs around campus and a few longer runs around town. The plan is to run once a week until the weather warms up. The reason students should consider joining our club is because running is a highly effective way to decrease stress and it presents an opportunity for new students to meet people and forge new relationships.

Social Work Club

This club is aimed at providing an opportunity all social science majors and students interested in the social sciences to promote and educate others on the importance of the Social Sciences in our world and have the opportunity to meet and integrate with other like minded students.

Student Association of Respiratory Care (SARC)

Student Association of Respiratory Care (SARC) is for students pursuing a career in respiratory therapy. This group is aimed at professional development and includes membership in the Wyoming Society of Respiratory Care and the American Association of Respiratory Care. It allows students to connect with fellow respiratory care students, professionals and educators. SARC members also participate in numerous community engagement activities. These include community outreach programs, health and career fairs, and volunteer opportunities. Student Association of Respiratory Care hopes to be a rewarding experience that enhances a student’s education, professional development, and future career opportunities in the field of respiratory care.

Student Nurses’ Association

The Student Nurses’ Association promotes professional and social unity among student nurses and stimulates an interest in the program of the professional nursing organizations including the National Student Nurses’ Association.  The members promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards health care and the resolution of related social issues.  To represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, and other organizations and encourage students’ participation in interdisciplinary activities

Student Radiographer Association

The purpose of the Student Radiography Association is for students to be recognized in the community and on campus, as a group of professional students working towards a common goal of becoming professional Radiologic Technologists. To achieve this purpose we shall provide community services, education, and attend conferences dealing with the field of Radiology.

Thunderboard Gaming Club

The Thunderboard Gaming Club aims to promote board games as a recreational activity that boosts strategic thinking skills and social interaction. We play a variety of board and card games every meeting, and we aim to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for anybody who wants to play games; whether you’ve never played any board games before or you own a huge collection of your own, we invite you to come play with us! Players are welcome to (indeed, encouraged to) bring games they enjoy and teach them to and share them with the other players who attend the club.


Veterans Club

The Casper College Veterans Club is the empowerment of individual student veterans, service members, and their families in order to foster collective success and perpetuate positive campus and community interactions.

Welding and Auto Body Club