Student Life Team

Jessica Bailey

Residence Hall Area Coordinator

Office: RH 100D

The Area Coordinator is a full-time employee of the College who also lives within the residence hall. The Area Coordinator supervises the RAs and manages the residence hall. They are a good person to go to with questions or concerns. Their office is located behind the RA front desk.

Megan Schafer

Executive Assistant for Student Services & Student Life

Office: UU 402

The Executive Assistant works in UU 402 and manages a lot of the administrative processes for the residence hall, including residence hall and meal plan billing. They are a good person to talk to about logistical questions, and to get connected with the Director.

Corey Peacock

Director of Student Life

Office: UU 404

The Director of Student Life oversees campus housing and student activities. The Director is involved in many of the functions that the other Student Life staff are engaged with, and is the ultimate decision-maker regarding campus housing and student activities-related matters. Students wishing to meet with the Director are encouraged to call the Executive Assistant to schedule an appointment.

Chris Stier

Student Activities Coordinator

Office: UU 405

The Student Activities Coordinator works to offer a diverse menu of engagement opportunities for Casper College students. From fun events in the residence hall to entertainment acts to intramural sports, Student Activities has your fun needs covered.