Housing FAQs

Housing Contract Terms

Is my contract for the full year?

Yes. Housing contracts are for the full academic year, including both semesters. Students who move out prior to the end of the contract term are subject to a contract termination fee (see more below).

What if I need to cancel my housing application?

If you no longer plan on living on campus and need to cancel your housing application, please contact the Student Life Office (307-268-2394). If you cancel prior to August 1st, you will receive your $200 housing deposit back. If you cancel after that but prior to moving in, your deposit will be forfeited. If you need to cancel after you’ve moved in, you will be subject to the contract termination process (see below).

What is the contract termination process?

Students who would like to move out of the Residence Hall or Wheeler Terrace prior to the end of the contract term will be assessed a $1,000 contract termination fee. The housing deposit will also be forfeited. Students have the opportunity to submit a petition form (available in the housing portal) to have the termination fee removed and deposit refunded. For students intending to move out between fall and spring semesters, petition forms must be received by no later than January 3rd, 2025 in order to be approved. For students moving out at other times, petition forms must be received within 7 days of moving out.

What are approved reasons to have the termination fee removed?

The housing terms and conditions indicate the following reasons may qualify a student to have their contract termination fee removed (provided a petition is submitted with appropriate supporting documentation):

  • Medical hardship
  • Graduation
  • Becoming married, becoming a single parent, or gaining custody of a minor child
  • Being called to active duty, going on a religious mission, or completing student teaching
What happens to my account if I move out early?

Students who move out before the end of their contract term will receive a prorated refund for room and board charges (provided the move-out day is before the semester refund deadline). Students will also be assessed a $1,000 contract termination fee and have their housing deposit forfeited. If the student has an approved petition to remove the termination fee, that charge will be removed from the student’s account and the housing deposit will be refunded, as long as there are no charges to the student at the time of check-out (i.e. damages, missing keys, etc.).

Is there a deadline for room and board refunds?

Yes. No refunds will be given for room and board after the following dates, even if a petition for contract release is submitted and approved.

  • Fall 2024 semester = November 13, 2024
  • Spring 2025 semester = April 16, 2025
How do I pay for room and board charges?

Room and board charges are posted to a student’s account at the time a room is assigned. Charges are posted in a lump sum for each semester. Prior to moving in each semester, students are required to either a) have their account balance paid in full, b) have pending financial aid to cover their entire account balance, or c) have a payment plan set up. Payment plans can be set up through Nelnet, Casper College’s payment processor. To access Nelnet, log into myCCinfo, select “Financial Information,” then “Student Finance,” then “Payment Plans/Make a Payment/Student Refunds,” then click “Proceed to Processor.”

What is room consolidation?

Students paying for double occupancy rooms are expected to have a roommate at all times. This process is called room consolidation. As occupancy shifts throughout the year, if a student in a double does not have a roommate for any reason, the student may select one of the following options:

  • Move to another half-filled room.
  • Have another student in a half-filled room move in with them.
  • Elect to upgrade to a single room (if space is available). The differences in room charges will be prorated on the student’s account.

Residence Hall Amenities

How do I receive mail while living in the Residence Hall?

Students living in the Residence Hall or Wheeler Terrace will be assigned a designated mailbox. Mail is delivered to the Residence Hall and processed on weekdays. Letters are placed in the student’s mailbox. Packages are held at the Front Desk, and a slip is placed in the student’s mailbox to notify them they have a package available for pick up.

To ensure mail and packages correctly reach us, please address items as follows:

Student’s First and Last Name

365 College Drive

Casper, WY 82601

Note: Both first and last name are needed in order for the package to be delivered. Please do not put the student’s mailbox number in the address. The above address is for Residence Hall and Wheeler Terrace student mail.

My package says “delivered” but it’s not here yet. What is going on?

When packages are accepted by the Casper College Receiving Department, carriers will often mark them as “delivered.” However, we still need time to transport the package to the Residence Hall for processing at the Front Desk. This process can take a day or two, depending on the time the package was received and available staffing. If you do not receive a package slip in your mailbox within two business days, please let the Front Desk know.

Are laundry facilities available on-site?

Yes. The Residence Hall has laundry facilities on each floor. Wheeler Terrace has a laundry room located on the 2nd floor. Laundry machines are operated by a declining balance card. Students can receive a laundry card and add money using the machine located by the elevator in the Residence Hall.

Does every room have a bathroom?

Yes! All of our rooms have private in-room bathrooms. Students are responsible for cleaning their bathroom and supplying it with materials (i.e. toilet paper, shower curtain, cleaning supplies).

Are there computer labs available to students in the Residence Hall?

Yes. The Residence Hall is equipped with six community kitchen/lounge areas, and each have computers where students can connect to the Casper College network. Additionally, there are computer terminals located in the Educational Resource Center on the 2nd floor as well.

What supplies are available for check out?

The Residence Hall Front Desk has a variety of supplies available for students to check out, including: vacuums, brooms, mops, tools, board games, and moving carts/dollies.

Can beds be lofted?

Yes. All of our beds can be adjusted to a student’s desired height, with no additional bed parts required. When lofted to the maximum height, beds have a clearance of 60 inches.

What is provided in each room?

Each Residence Hall room has two beds (Twin XL), two built-in closets (with hanging rod and overhead shelf), two dressers, two night stands, two desks, and two desk chairs. The bathroom vanity also has several drawers for additional storage.

Is parking free?

Yes. Residence Hall and Wheeler Terrace students may park for free in one of the three designated Residence Hall lots (west, east, and south of the Residence Hall). Handicapped parking is available only to those with a handicapped placard or license plate. Students may not park in any fire lanes, or spaces labeled for other purposes (i.e. “Casper College Vehicles,” etc.). Overnight parking is limited to Residence Hall lots only.

Application and Assignment Information

Where can I find the housing application?

The housing application is available online. Need help? Download this instructional document on how to access and submit a housing application.

How can I find a roommate who matches my interests and lifestyle?

We encourage all students to take advantage of our housing software’s roommate matching service. After completing a housing application, students may complete a roommate profile that other same-gender students can view. Students can then browse for potential roommates, contact students they would like to learn more about, and create a roommate group with their final roommate choice.

How do I request a specific roommate?

The easiest way to request a specific roommate is to use the roommate matching functions of the housing application software to create a roommate group. Once a roommate group is created and both students have approved the match, one of the two can select a room for both students when the room selection lottery opens. Students may also contact the Student Life Office to discuss specific roommate needs.

I requested a single room. What are the chances I will get one?

Our supply of single rooms is limited. We offer single rooms to returning sophomores first, then freshmen applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Once single rooms are no longer available, students will have the opportunity to be put on a waitlist for single rooms.

How and when do I pick a room?

Most students are eligible to select their own room through our room selection lottery process (PDF). The lottery will go live for most applicants on July 1, 2024. Students will have until Friday, July 19 to select a room. Those who do not select a room by then will be automatically assigned by our housing software.

How are special groups assigned?

Room assignments look a little different for students in different groups. For student-athletes (soccer, basketball, and volleyball), coaches typically make room and roommate assignments for athletes. Students in the Freshman Interest Group (FIG) may be assigned to a room earlier in the summer to ensure they receive a room in the designated FIG wing. Students who indicate they would like a single room may also be assigned a room prior to the room lottery, to ensure adequate space available for single rooms.

What is the Freshman Interest Group (FIG)?

Incoming freshmen students have the opportunity to participate in the Freshman Interest Group program. The FIG is a group of up to 24 students who will live in a designated wing of the Residence Hall, and will take two classes together. For Fall 2024, these classes will be POLS 1000 and COMM 2010, and FIG students will take these two classes in the Residence Hall Classroom. The FIG is a free program and is a great way to build a strong cohort of students who share the same classes and academic interests as you. To participate in the FIG, please contact Corey Peacock (corey.peacock@caspercollege.edu).

Getting Ready for Move-In

When can students move in?

Students may move into the Residence Hall beginning Thursday, August 15, at 9 a.m. Classes for Fall 2024 begin Monday, August 19.

How does the move-in process work?

For a comprehensive guide to moving in please visit our move-in page.

What should I bring?

For a full list of suggested items to bring, please visit our move-in page.

What are common items students bring to decorate/personalize their rooms?

Residence Hall rooms have plenty of wall space for students to add their own personal flair. The adjustable bed height also allows a lot of customization, from choosing storage underneath, to futons/chairs/TV area, etc. Make sure to coordinate with your roommate, and remember that no nails or screws may be used to hang items.

What items are not allowed?

The following items are prohibited in on-campus housing:

  • Alcohol and illegal substances (Casper College is a dry campus)
  • Candles, incense, and wax warmers
  • Appliances which use an open flame and/or possess an exposed heating element (i.e. hot plates, toasters, etc.)
  • Toilet tank cleaning tablets (they create water-related issues in our building)
  • Weapons (pocket knives with blades under 3″ are permitted; firearms can be stored with Campus Security)
  • Pets (service animals must be pre-approved through Disability Support Services)
  • Personal wireless routers (these interfere with the campus network)
  • Nails, screws, pushpins, or other items that damage walls (command strips, painter’s tape, and poster putty are recommended)
  • No decorations, signage, flags, or other items may be displayed in room or apartment windows or placed outside of a student’s individual room
  • Additional furniture (sofas, futons, chairs, etc.) is permitted, but must be approved by Student Life prior to being moved in. We recommend these items be new to avoid potential pest issues.

Residence Hall Resources

I think I need a room change — who do I talk to about that?

Students who would like to request a room change or a different roommate are encouraged to submit a Room Change Request Form (available in the housing portal) to the Residence Hall Coordinator. While we encourage students to make a good-faith effort to resolve conflicts with their current roommate, we know that sometimes a roommate change is the best solution. The Residence Hall Coordinator will happily work with you on your options.

What is an RA and what do they do?

Each wing of the Residence Hall has a designated Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are highly-trained student leaders who live and work in the Residence Hall and are here to help students get the most out of their on-campus living experience. RAs work the Front Desk (see below), provide after-hours on-call service, host fun activities for students, and in general serve as a resource and mentor to students living on campus.

What does the RA Front Desk do, and what are the hours?

RAs staff the Front Desk from 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Friday. The Front Desk processes student mail and packages, checks out equipment to students, manages room check-ins and check-outs, and is generally available to students for questions and support.

Does Campus Security have a presence in the Residence Hall?

Yes. Campus Security officers routinely patrol the Residence Hall and other on-campus housing areas. Officers on the night shift can often be found at the Front Desk watching security cameras and answering questions of students. If no officer is present, Security may be contacted 24/7/365 by calling 307-268-2688.

Is free tutoring available in the Residence Hall?

Yes. We have two Residence Hall Tutors who provide free tutoring services exclusive to students living in the Residence Hall. Tutoring takes place in the Educational Resource Center (the classroom area on the 2nd floor of the Residence Hall) Sunday-Thursday, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Our tutors specialize in basic study skills, test preparation, writing, and math.

I need to report a concern. Who do I talk to?

If students wish to report or need help with an urgent safety concern, we recommend calling Campus Security at 307-268-2688. 911 should also be called in the case of life-threatening emergencies. For lower-level concerns (i.e. noise complaints, roommate troubles, etc.), students may call the RA on Duty at 307-251-7937. To notify the CC Care Team of a student you’re concerned about, we encourage you to submit a care report.