CC Care Team – formerly Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

  • Campus Security (307-268-2688) or 911 should always be called first in the event of an emergency.
  • The CC Care Team may be reached for non-emergency communication at 307-268-2201 (Office of the VP for Student Services).

The CC Care Team – formerly the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) – at Casper College exists to address student behavioral concerns which are not consistent with the College’s mission. Valuable lessons have been learned from tragic events at other campuses. Important information about students is often housed in isolated areas and isn’t connected until a tragedy strikes.

The CC Care Team serves as the centralized coordinating body for reports, discussion and action regarding students exhibiting behaviors of concern including, but not limited to: threats, aberrant or strange behavior, violent or perceived violent behavior, threats of suicide or violence against others, etc. The Care Team also makes recommendations as to whether the best option is for the student to a continue at Casper College. The Care Team does not preempt any other Casper College department in performing its duties in enforcing policies, practices or managing student situations. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Care Team to develop, review, and recommend College policies which address such situations and behavior.

The CC Care Team consists of a representatives from the Office of the Vice President for Student Services (chair), the Campus Security/Judicial Affairs Office, the Counseling Center and the Office of Student Life. Other ad hoc members are consulted as dictated by individual situations.

Mission: To promote the safety and well-being of our college community through education, communication, collaboration and appropriate, timely intervention. To identify, prioritize, track and monitor problematic student behaviors that are potentially harmful to self or others and take such action as deemed appropriate. To help and support via educational, rather than punitive means, according to an established protocol and transparent procedures. To work together to promote student and community success and development.