CC Care Team

  • Campus Security (307-268-2688) or 911 should always be called first in the event of an emergency.
  • The CC Care Team may be reached for non-emergency communication at 307-268-2394 (Office of the Dean of Students).

Casper College is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment, one that promotes student success and campus community. The CC Care Team performs an important role in promoting and maintaining this environment.

What is the CC Care Team?

The CC Care Team is an interdisciplinary group that serves as the centralized coordinating body for reports, discussion and response regarding students who exhibit concerning, disruptive, and/or potentially harmful behavior. The team serves as a resource to the campus community and is designed for early intervention with behavioral issues to help support the health, safety, and success of students.

Mission: To promote the safety and well-being of our college community through education, communication, collaboration and appropriate, timely intervention. To identify, prioritize, track and monitor problematic student behaviors that are potentially harmful to self or others and take such action as deemed appropriate. To help and support via educational, rather than punitive means, according to an established protocol and transparent procedures. To work together to promote student and community success and development.

Who is on the CC Care Team?

The CC Care Team consists of the Dean of Students (Chair), Director of Security, Counseling Services, UW/C Representative, Veteran and Military Student Services Coordinator, Academic Success Coordinator, an Academic Dean representative and a Faculty representative.

What types of behaviors are reported to the CC Care Team?

The Team reviews any behaviors that raise concern a student may be at risk of harming themselves or others, or are posing a significant disruption to the campus environment. Because we encourage early intervention, concerns that a student is struggling psychologically or academically are also reviewed.

How do I make a report about a student of concern?

Use the online reporting form.  

Please provide an objective account of your concerns and/or what you have witnessed. It is important to include facts, dates, times, etc. when possible. Anonymous reports can be submitted as well but contact information can be very valuable.

What happens after a report is made?

The Chairperson reviews all reports and assesses what type of follow up, if any, would be appropriate. You may be contacted for more information. Then a member of the team will reach out to the student. Generally, the name of the person reporting the concern is not shared with student.