Expression Literary and Arts Magazine

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Expression Literary and Arts Magazine staff, winners of 2019 Community College Humanities Association for the Pacific-Western Region:

  • Best Magazine Award, 1st Place
  • Best Creative Nonfiction, 1st Place, “Taking the Mask Off” by Todd Napier
  • Best Photography, “Belize” by Erin Wirrenga
Expression Literary and Arts Magazine is proud to showcase the very best creative work of students from Casper College and the University of Wyoming at Casper.
What we are looking for

We welcome student submissions of original work from a variety of genres, including but not limited to stories, essays, poems, screenplays, paintings, drawings, graphic designs, sculpture, jewelry design, costume design, architecture design, musical scores, and musical recordings. If the work is creative and original and good, we’d like to see it for consideration in the magazine.

When to submit

Submissions are accepted year-round. View submission guidelines (PDF).

Our history

Established in 1964, the first few issues of Expression were published bi-annually. The magazine has since been published annually; in fact, the 2010 magazine represented the 50th edition of the publication.

The staff

The magazine relies on a dedicated staff of student volunteers. If you would like to help out, see the job descriptions (PDF) and application (PDF).