Campus Security


Lance Jones
Campus Security Director
Student Center, room 204

Congratulations Chancey Rogers - the Staff Alliance Employee of the Month for December! Chancey is a campus security officer and has been at the college for 38 years!

Chancey’s dedication to Casper College does not go unnoticed. He is recognized as “a figure here on campus” and a “cool, calm, and collected sort of guy that helps you feel secure on Casper College campus.” Colleagues note that he cares about others and is willing to help out students and staff alike with security issues and other needs. One staff member noted that he has assisted multiple times with unlocking her vehicle and does so with kindness, patience, and a humble attitude. His sincerity and friendliness are much appreciated. We could not possibly count the number of people he has assisted over his whopping 38 years of service! Chancey is highly deserving of this recognition, setting an example for all employees to follow.