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Casper College awarded $3.5 million in scholarships last year and $14 million in total financial aid.

Casper College financial assistance programs are designed to help students pay their educational expenses. The most common types of financial assistance are scholarships, loans, and employment.

WUE and WICHE: Casper College participates in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), a program of the 15 states Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE).


Both merit and need based scholarships are available for Casper College students.


The Hathaway state scholarship program assists students who have graduated from a Wyoming high school, home school or GED.

Federal Aid

The starting point for Pell Grants and student loans.


This link will take students through the additional steps to apply for loans.


Veterans, service members, and military dependents: Follow the steps outlined on this page. Please apply early and submit paper work each semester.

Cash Course

Cash Course helps you review the costs of education and plan for your college future.

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More information about tuition and fees, housing and meal plan rates.

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