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Where is the Tate Geological Museum?

We are part of Casper College in Casper, Wyoming. The Casper College address is 125 College Drive, but that is the whole college. If you try to find us with Google Maps, you will end up a half mile away. We are actually on Lisco Drive, which is only a bit better. Casper College addreses have stumped Google. Additionally, our entrance road is not even on google maps.

The following directions are based on the Google Maps version of "125 College Drive": From the base of Casper College, get onto Casper Mountain Road and go south (uphill). Go through the stoplight (wait for it to turn green), continue uphill (south), past the road to the right that leads into the college and then take the next road on the right. The Tate Museum is right in front of you, a bit to the right.

Stop by for a visit!

Thank you to the Blue Envelope Health Fund for generously donating two AEDs to the Tate. One is located at the museum and the other is taken into the field during our many digs, field trips and expeditions. THANK YOU!


The mission of the Tate Geological Museum at Casper College is to provide educational resources to the community, researchers and visitors.  Our position as a regional Earth Science Education Center is maintained by exhibits, educational programs, active collecting and collections preservation.

News and Events

A Mammoth Announcement!

This just in! Dee the Mammoth is the second most popular artifact in the State of Wyoming, as voted by you, the public! The Wyoming State Historical Society hosted a contest to determine what the most significant historical objects in the state were, and Dee was one of the winners. THANK YOU to everyone who voted!


Coffee, Tea and Dee!

Join us for FREE cup of coffee or tea provided by P. Hawk Coffee Roasters and start your day off right.  P. Hawk's developed a special blend "Pleistocene Epoch Coffee- Mammuthus columbi" which is always available as well as a variety of delicious rooibos teas.


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All members to the Tate Museum receive the bi-monthly Tate Museum newsletter, Tate Museum Geological Times, and a membership gift card that is good for a 10% discount at the museum gift shop during their membership. Learn more about Tate Membership.

The book sells for $21 in our gift shop. If you can't visit our gift shop, give us a call or order online.

"Dee and the Mammoth"

by Gene Gagliano, illustrated by Zak Pullen.

"Dee and the Mammoth" is a children's book written by Gene Gagliano of Buffalo, WY, and illustrated by Zak Pullen of Casper. It is inspired by the discovery of Dee the Mammoth, but in this story, Dee is a little girl who tells a story about a mammoth through letters from her dad who is working on a mammoth dig. The book also includes a DVD which features an audio version of the book, and a documentary film about the Tate Museum's Dee the Mammoth.

Wholesale orders can be made by downloading the form, then sending it to the Tate Museum at the address on the form or email the completed form to dschaff@caspercollege.edu.