Lecture Series

Spring Lecture Series: Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Please join us on the first Tuesday of the month (March, April and May) for our spring lecture series. All talks will be at 7:00pm (MST) on Zoom and links will be posted on our Facebook page, website, and emailed to members.

March 2nd Patrick O’Connor, PhD, Professor of Anatomical Sciences at Ohio University. A Tale of Two Sub-Continents: Late Cretaceous Faunas of Eastern Africa and Madagascar at the Close of the Mesozoic

April 6th Joe Sertich, PhD, Associate Curator of Dinosaurs at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The Laramida Project: New Dinosaurs from the American West

Link: https://caspercollege.zoom.us/j/99958974301?pwd=SFJranNySGdBZjNFdGhBMEZYRFJNUT09&fbclid=IwAR3I9TPGK3uShHYhO1DNygSVHEgVhkuugdhk71eEVboqQQ7rT5xn_I4flzE#success 

May 4th James I. Kirkland Ph. D., P.G., State Paleontologist with the Utah Geological Survey. The Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah: North America’s Most Complete Early Cretaceous Record

Link: https://caspercollege.zoom.us/j/99958974301?pwd=SFJranNySGdBZjNFdGhBMEZYRFJNUT09