Tate Annual Summer Conference

Conference on Fossil Resources:

Paleontology on Public Lands


Welcome to the registration page for the 25th Annual Tate Conference/ 11th Annual Conference on Fossil Resources. We are teaming up this year to bring you an informative Conference on Fossil resources: Paleontology on Public Lands. This year’s conference will be a four day event from May 30 to June 2.  We will have two days of talks on May 31 and June 1, and two one-day field trips on May 30 and June 2. All talks will be held at Casper College.

The Conference on Fossil Resources is held periodically and highlights scientific research, resource management, resource stewardship and protection, public education / interpretation, and other activities associated with fossils from public lands. One of the goals is to develop networking opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds to come together around this common issue.


REGISTRATION: Registration costs are $225 for the conference and $45  for each field trip.  Registration costs include dinner at the Icebreaker on Thursday , Friday coffee, snacks and lunch, dinner before the keynote that evening  and Saturday coffee, snacks and lunch .  Field Trip costs include transportation and lunch.


FIELD TRIPS: The May 30th field trip will take us southwest of Casper for a day in the Alcova area. We will be visiting The Alcova Dinosaur Trail, (an in situ public dinosaur exhibit in the Morrison Formation on Bureau of Reclamation land), a second in situ sauropod partially collected by the Tate Museum, a pterosaur track site, and arm waving at two other sites where the Tate has collected vertebrate material on BLM land. These include a large ichthyosaur from the Sundance Formation and some Barosaurus bones from the Morrison on the eastward extension of the same ridge. These two sites require a hefty climb to access them so these will arm-waving stops. If time allows we may explore some Eocene outcrops between Alcova and Casper.

We will be leaving from the Tate Museum at 8 a.m. Please show up by 7:30. We plan to be back around 5 p.m.

The June 2nd field trip will be west of Casper. We will start at the BLM ORV Park where traces have been found including potential swimming mosasaur traces and “squid Kisses,” the impressions of ammonites on the sea floor preserved in the Mowry Shale. The second stop will be at a Campanian microvertebrate site in the Mesa Verde Formation at Fales Rocks. These two sites are on BLM land. Any specimens collected will be reposited at the Tate Museum. The bulk of the afternoon will be spent exploring the Eocene outcrops of Hell’s Half Acre. There has not been much paleontological collecting done at Hell’s Half Acre. We have been there twice in the past eight years with Tate Geological Museum members. We are hoping to develop a reasonable collection at the Tate. We have permission to collect the fossils, please leave any arrowheads and other Paleo Indian remains in place.

We will meet at the Tate at 8 a.m. Please show up by 7:30. We plan to be back around 5 p.m.

All collecting on BLM lands will be under the Tate Museum’s BLM surface collecting permit. Specimens collected will be reposited in the Tate collections. Collecting at Hell’s Half Acre (Natrona County Land) is with the understanding that fossils collected will remain at the Tate.

Transportation and lunch are provided to field trip participants.

HOTELS: There are several hotels in Casper that are holding blocks of rooms for attendees. The Ramkota, Main Stay and Comfort Inns  are offering a rate of $94 to $105 dollars a night plus taxes.  The Hampton is holding rooms at $105. The Ramkota and Hampton are closest to the conference venues.  They all offer a continental breakfast, however shuttle service will vary. Please contact the hotels to inquire about the shuttle. Be sure to mention the 25th annual Tate Conference and the 11th Annual Conference on Fossil Resources to receive the group rate.

Ramkota Hotel- $94 a night


800 N. Poplar


Main Stay- $94.00 a night


551 Granite Peak Dr

Comfort Inn- $94 a night


269 Miracle St

Hampton Inn- $105 a night


1100 N. Poplar

Tate Geological Conference/The Conference of Fossil Resources
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If you have any questions, please contact JP Cavigelli by email or by phone 307-268-3008.