Saturday Club

Saturday Club Schedule

Join our Education Specialist, Russell J. Hawley for an educational and fun morning of paleontology/biology/science activities for kids.    

This hands-on experience for students ages 7-14 is held from 10:30 am until 11:30 am, usually on the first Saturday of the month (September through May, except for Holiday weekends).

September 3rd, 2022: Labor Day weekend – No Saturday Club. 

October 1st, 2022: CyberLife 

In this session we look at how computer programs, including John Conway’s Life and Richard Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker illustrate how simple sets of rules can lead to extremely complex designs, including patterns capable of reproducing themselves. Create your own Life form and see how long it survives!

November 5th, 2022: Fossil Snakes and other Reptiles 

We discuss the differences between reptiles and mammals, and show how reptiles are classified on the basis of the holes in their skulls. Then we’ll build turtles and make twirly snakes!

December 3rd, 2022: Ornamental Dinosaurs

In this free Saturday Club, which is open to the public, we make our own dinosaur ornaments to liven up the holiday season! (Note: This date may be subject to change. Check with the Museum for updates). 

January 7th, 2023: Fossil Birds 

We show how to calculate a bird’s aspect ratio, and discuss the relationship between a bird’s aspect ratio and its lifestyle. We measure the aspect ratios of some extinct species to see whether they were flapping woodland dwellers or efficient open-air gliders.

February 4th, 2023: Digging Dragons: Fossil Finds and Mythical Monsters 

Were the cyclops and the griffin merely the products of human imagination, or did they have some basis in fact? In this session we will explore the possibility that fossils found by the Greeks and other ancient peoples inspired tales of dragons and other mythical beasts. Students will also learn how to make their own plaster casts of modern animal footprints – just in case they ever stumble across a Bigfoot track in the woods!  

March 4th, 2023: Water Dwellers – the Amphibians Who Left and Reptiles Who Returned

details to be announced