Saturday Club

Saturday Club Schedule

10:30 am until 11:30 am, usually on the first Saturday of the month,
September through May (Except for Holiday weekends)

February 4th, 2023: Digging Dragons: Fossil Finds and Mythical Monsters 

Were the cyclops and the griffin merely the products of human imagination, or did they have some basis in fact? In this session we will explore the possibility that fossils found by the Greeks and other ancient peoples inspired tales of dragons and other mythical beasts. Students will also learn how to make their own plaster casts of modern animal footprints – just in case they ever stumble across a Bigfoot track in the woods!

March 4th, 2023: Water Dwellers – the Amphibians Who Left and Reptiles Who Returned

We discuss the adaptations that allowed the first amphibians to leave the water to pursue a life on land. We calculate the fineness ratio of various aquatic reptiles to see which were capable of sustained high-speed swimming in the open ocean. And you can build and paint your own reptile pin to wear home!

April 1st, 2023: Paint like A Caveman!

This month we’ll meet at the Werner Wildlife Museum to draw animals freehand, using the same palette of colors that would have been available to our Pleistocene ancestors 40,000 years ago. We will also look at some examples of Ice age artwork and see what science can learn about Pleistocene wildlife from the efforts of these ancient artists.

May 6th, 2023: Diorama Building Workshop

In this special Saturday Club, we’ll all work together to create dioramas depicting scenes of life in the dinosaur age.
Be sure to bring along a small box. Shoeboxes and facial tissue boxes are ideal!

NOTE: Most of these activities will involve reading and the use of scissors. If your child has not yet acquired these skills, it is required that the parent accompany the student for the duration of the class to assist.