Student Life Team | Casper College, Wyoming

Student Life Team


Barb Meryhew

Director of Student Life

UU 404
The duties associated with the administration of student residential living include fiscal, maintenance and housekeeping operations of the residence halls, as well as involvement in the planning and forecasting of student activities and student welfare. The director of residential living works with students on an individual basis or with groups of young adults in developing programs that contribute to the cultural, intellectual and social growth of the students here at Casper College. Other responsibilities of the director of residential living include serving as an advisor to the food service committee and planning and coordinating in-service training programs for the hall directors and resident assistants.

Ali Johnson

Residence Hall Area Coordinator
RH 100D
The Area Coordinator lives on campus . She has overall responsibility for supervision of the residence halls, upholding the policies of the college and overseeing the functioning of the halls staff and activities in the halls. The Area Coordinator oversees and supervises the 12 Resident Assistants in the hall.  She is also responsible for the general welfare of the students living within the halls.

Chris Stier

Student Activities Coordinator
UU 405
The Student Activities Coordinator is responsible for planning, implementing, and coordinating the Student Activities office’s three program areas: campus activities, special event activities, and intramural sports.
The responsibilities include, advising the Student Activities Board, assisting the Student Life Director in developing facilities use, service, and activities agreements with external entities and persons, as well as assisting with the development and implementation of the budget for the intramural sports program. He also supervises student employees working within the various recreational activities programs and does all of the  publication for the various recreational activities and special events. The activities coordinator conducts yearly assessments on the impact of the various programs within the student activities area of Student Life. The Student Activities Coordinator is also the liaison to all students wanting to start a new club on campus.

Peggy Candelaria

Student Life Administrative Assistant
UU 403