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Housing Options

Residence Hall

If you want to have the best possible college experience, reserve your space in the  Casper College Residence Hall.

It's so much more than a "dormitory." When you move in, you'll be part of a complete living/learning environment.

The Residence hall is a great place to live if you are wanting traditional college housing! It is a good place to be a part of a community and make connections with other students.  The Resident assistants here put on programs and activities to give you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and make life-long friends! The residence hall is a great place for freshman wanting to find a place they feel at home in, or upperclassmen who want to live in a fun atmosphere that is close to their classes!

The Residence hall features many amenities such as: large rooms with great views, individual bathrooms in each room; heat and air conditioning controlled by thermostat in every room; a common area on each floor with a full-size kitchen, computers, a printer, and a flat screen television; a games room; two multipurpose rooms; key fob entry; security cameras; and a laundry room on every floor.

The rent for bedroom units includes all utilities, cable TV, high-speed Internet, and local telephone. (Sophomore students with 3.0 GPA or higher get first preference in securing single occupancy rooms).

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Wheeler Terrace Apartments

Wheeler Terrace is an on campus apartment style housing complex that is great for students who are full time, and are a sophomore or older. Living here allows you to experience being close to your classes, while still having the connection to the Residence Hall community. Wheeler Terrace allows students to have a little more freedom and cook their own meals while still experiencing activities and benefits of living on campus. Sophomores and students who have a 3.0 GPA get first preference to the apartments. The rent for two-bedroom units includes all utilities, cable TV, high-speed Internet, and local telephone. 

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Wheeler Apartments at Casper College

Civic Non-Traditional Apartments

The College also rents twelve (12) one-bedroom unfurnished apartments to couples or single non-traditional students; the per-month rent includes utilities, cable TV, high-speed Internet, and local telephone. (Non-traditional, for this purpose, is defined as 24 years of age or older.)

Civic Apartments at Casper College

Thorson Apartments

The College also rents eight (8) one-bedroom furnished apartments to single students for $650 per month, including utilities, cable TV, high-speed Internet, and local telephone.

Thorson Apartments at Casper College

A deposit of $200 is required to hold a reservation for all apartments. Prospective tenants will be placed on a waiting list when the application and deposit are received. An application and deposit does not guarantee an apartment at the time requested. Apartments are assigned in the order of the date the deposit is paid. The deposit is refunded when the apartment is vacated in satisfactory condition and all financial obligations to the College are met. The deposit will be refunded if the application for campus housing is canceled prior to being assigned as apartment.

Off-campus housing for both apartments and houses is available in the Casper area. Prices range from $400 to $800+ per month. The best source of an up-to-date off-campus listing would be the classified section of the Casper Star Tribune or the Yellow Pages of the Casper telephone directory.