Single Parent Program

Casper College applauds the effort and dedication, love, and hardwork that single parents give to their children and their education each and every day!

The Neil and Doris McMurry Single Parents Program offers a variety of services to assist and guide single parents toward success and degree completion at Casper College. We offer academic support and financial assistance to help offset the cost of attending college.


  • Must be the custodial parent of the child(ren)
  • Have not yet earned an associate degree or higher
  • Must be in good academic standing


  • Complete the single parent application (scroll down- located lower on the page)
  • Schedule an appointment with the Student Success Specialist. Schedule online now!
  • Provide documentation of custodial status

What the program offers to students:

  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Textbook loan program
  • Emergency assistance
  • Academic and career guidance
  • Campus, community and medical referrals

Single Parent Resources