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Placement Testing

TAILWIND-Placement Exams

Where: Student Success Center, Gateway 350, 3rd floor

What: The exam is given on a computer in the testing lab. The Tailwind exam includes two portions: English and Math.  It is not a pass/fail type of exam. Your scores are part of your placement profile which allows us to place you in the most appropriate English and math classes for your skill level and major. Do not guess on answers for math or English. You are not penalized for wrong answers.

How long: The exam takes up to three (3) hours—1.5 hours per each section. We recommend a break between the two tests. You may want to take one test on one day and take the second on the next day.

Cost: $8.00 each (Math or English) or $16.00 for both.

Bring with you: Photo ID and a valid Social Security Number.

Not allowed in the testing lab: Electronic devices, watches, handheld calculators, hats, hoodies, coats, food, or drinks. The Student Success Center has a secure location for small personal items to be stored during testing.

What to expect: You will be provided with scratch paper, and a calculator is built into the exam.

Accommodations: Must be requested 5 days ahead of time via Ashlee Patricelli at the Student Success Center. 

For Math placement questions, please contact Claudia Stewart

For English placement questions, please contact Jill Hughes.

Placement Testing Schedule

Please check the calendar for available walk-in  or evening appointment testing times for the following months:

Placement Tables:

Tailwind Practice Booklets

Casper College's EdReady Tool offers you placement test preparation for math and English by creating a learning path specifically for YOU! Knowing where you have learning gaps gives you the power to prepare to be successful on a future placement inventory or in your next course. 

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