Advising for General Studies Majors

Why would I select General Studies for a major?

This degree is for:

  • students who have not decided on a major and are exploring multiple careers,
  • have chosen a career that is not offered at Casper College and intend to transfer,
  • or for those students who would like to craft a degree program to meet their unique, individual interests.
  • It is also a great option for students who have already taken many college credits and would like to finish up an associate degree so they can begin working on a bachelor’s degree.
  • Degree requirements
To schedule and appointment with one of our advisors, please call 307-268-2089.
I haven’t chosen a major!

Contact the Student Success Center (307-268-2089) to meet with a General Studies advisor to discuss your interests and options (Gateway Center, 3rd floor).

In the meantime, check out these websites to do some self-exploration:

I think I want to change my major…

Visit a Student Success Advisor or your Academic Advisor to discuss a possible major change, along with career options and graduation plans.  Call the Student Success Center at 307-268-2089 or stop in the Gateway Center, 3rd floor to make an appointment.  If you are certain about changing your major, fill out the Change of Major form.

Advising Resources

Mission statement: Casper College general studies advisors utilize a holistic approach when assisting undecided and exploratory students in their exploration of majors and careers, striving to empower students to take responsibility for their progress and success.