CLEP Info Guide

Is the CLEP right for you?

A detailed guide to the College-Level Examination Program and taking the exam at Casper College:

The College-Level Examination Program helps students earn college credit for prior learning and knowledge. Prior to registering for the CLEP exam, students should review the college’s Credit for Prior Learning policy to determine if this exam will meet their needs and satisfy their overall goals.

Students who wish to use the CLEP exam to receive credit should consider the following rules outlined in the college catalog:

  • Students must be registered as degree seeking and admitted into a specific program during the semester in which credit for prior learning (CPL) is awarded.
  • Students may apply for CPL only one time for the same course.
  • Students may not earn CPL for courses in which they are currently enrolled, have audited, received a failing grade, or earned credit in a higher-level course in the same subject area. Students cannot use CPL to replace a failed grade or raise a passing grade in the same course.
  • Students placed in a higher-level class, may earn CPL in lower-level courses by taking an approved exam. Any exams taken for CPL must be completed by midterm of the semester in which the student is enrolled in the higher-level course.
  • All CPL must be awarded before the semester prior to graduation.

The CLEP exams are 90 minutes each and are computer-based. Most questions are multiple choice, but there may be essay questions. The official score report will be delivered to Casper College in 6-8 weeks to be posted to your transcript. However, results are immediately available upon conclusion of exam. Candidates must wait at least six months between attempts.

Steps for scheduling a CLEP exam
  1. Meet with a Student Success Counselor to discuss taking the CLEP. Appointments can be made by visiting the Student Success Office in the Gateway Center on the third floor, or by calling 307- 268-2089. We also recommend that you also discuss plans to take the CLEP with your advisor.
  2. Register at The costs for each CLEP exam is $93. Do not forget to print out the registration ticket, as it will be needed on the day of testing for the Testing Center. Practice exams are available on the College Board website. Refunds can be given up to seven days from date of purchase. The registration is valid for six months and can be switched with another exam on the registration if the incorrect one was chosen. Ill.
  3. Contact the Testing Center for an appointment to take the exam. The Testing Center is located on campus in the Thorson Business Building in Rm. 120 and the phone number is 307-268-3850
  4. Bring required items with you to the Testing Center on your scheduled exam day: the registration ticket  and a valid government-issued photo ID.

Contact Information

Student Success Center


Testing Center


College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

800-257-9558 or 212-237-1331

The College Board National Office


CLEP Transcripts Request Services


Military transcripts

Military personnel should call 877-471-9860 or 651-603-3012 to order a military transcript