Placement Tests and Options

What is placement?

English Placement Chart (PDF)

Students must demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in math and English to start coursework at the college level in these areas. Proficiency is most often demonstrated through standardized tests such as ACT and SAT but previous college coursework from a transfer institution and/or institutional placement exams can also be used.

What determines where I am placed?

Casper College has two placement coordinators, one in math and one in English. Upon your acceptance to Casper College, these coordinators review any documents you have provided, with the goal of placing you in the highest course possible where success is likely. Documents reviewed to make placement decisions are:

  • high school transcripts
  • college transfer transcripts
  • ACT/SAT scores

Do I have to take a placement exam?

Students who do not have any of the documents listed above will need to complete one of the placement options. In some cases, students will be asked to take a placement exam or do placement pathways in addition to the documents they have submitted. Reasons might include the following:

  • ACT/SAT scores are more than one year old
  • Transfer courses in math are more than one year old
  • The student is close to testing into college level courses
  • The student wishes to test into a higher level course

How will I know where I have been placed?

Students can login to MyCCinfo and check their placement status.

If you do not see any scores, contact our placement coordinators:

  • Claudia Stewart, Math Placement Coordinator,
  • Jill Hughes, English Placement Coordinator,


What are my placement options?

Below are details about two options:

  • Placement Pathways: an online tool to assess your skills with optional courses to build up your skills.
  • Placement exam: The Tailwind exam for English and/or Math and is offered at the Casper College Testing Center.

Placement Pathways

Placement Pathways Using EdReady

Casper College wants to save you time and money by offering the no cost, individualized Casper College Math and English Placement Pathways. This option is all online.

Placement Pathways is a free way to assess your skills with the option to build those skills until you reach your desired course level in math and/or English. This allows you to brush up in the specific areas you need, without taking an entire semester’s course to do it. You control whether or not to continue through course levels and can stop and enroll in whichever course you have worked through. It is completely free and accessible from your home.

How to complete CC Placement Pathways

  1. Go to Casper College EdReady and click “Get Started.”
  2. Sign up as a New User, check your email for a verification link, and get started!
  3. There is no Goal Key.
  4. Add the goal: Placement Pathways
  5. Take the diagnostic for either one or both subjects. It will take about an hour for each. It is okay to not know how to do it all! Don’t answer the ones you don’t know.
  6. After completing the diagnostic, EdReady will produce a personalized study path to help with any knowledge gaps you may have. You can work the study path in order, or you can jump around to different topics, but keep working to move your score upwards.
  7. Work on your study path, and watch your score improve!
  8. Contact the placement coordinators for any questions:


  • On average, students who work in their study paths 11-12 hours can achieve their goal.
  • Use the resources in your study path rather than just taking post-tests.
  • Get this done in a timely fashion so you can register for courses. Last minute may keep you from being able to register.


Placement exam

Placement exam testing is offered at the Casper College Testing Center, BU 120

To set up the exam:

  1. Schedule an appointment to guarantee a spot: Over the phone at 307-268-3850 or online through the Casper College Testing Center.
  2. We will do our best to accommodate you if you are a walk-in, but spots are limited and you may have to wait if you have not scheduled in advance or return another day if our schedule is full. Walk-ins will not be taken after 3:30 p.m.

To take the exam:

  • Location: Testing Center, BU 120
  • Parking: South side of Gateway (the lot that sits between T-Bird Gym and the Gateway building)
  • Bring: A form of ID (Drivers license or school ID)
  • Cost: $8 per test ($16 for both math and English) for in-person tests
  • Pay at the Accounting office GW 3rd floor before your appointment and bring your receipt to your test
  • The Testing Center has lockers to secure your possessions during testing (electronic devices, including phones and watches; food and drink, etc.) 

Exam Information:

  • Scratch paper and pencils are provided
  • Personal Calculators are not allowed but there is one built into the exam for use during math
  • Each exam has a time limit of 90 minutes


What to expect:

  • The Tailwind exam is offered in English and/or Math
  • 90 minutes is the maximum test time for each subject
  • Your scores are part of your placement profile which allows us to place you in the most appropriate English and/or math classes for your skill level and major
  • It is not a pass/fail type of exam and you are not penalized for wrong answers; do not guess

To schedule remote testing:

Call the Testing Center by phone (268-3850) or email ( We will need your name, phone number and email. This information will be given to the placement testing company (Tailwind) and they will contact you directly to schedule you and give you your next steps. The cost of this test is $85.


Preparing for placement

  • Tailwind Practice exams and demos
  • EdReady — Casper College’s EdReady Tool offers you placement test preparation for math and English by creating a learning path specifically for YOU! Knowing where you have learning gaps gives you the power to prepare to be successful on a future placement inventory or in your next course.
  • Khan Academy — Khan Academy is a free personalized learning resource for all ages


Contact Us

For Math placement questions, please contact Claudia Stewart.

For English placement questions, please contact Jill Hughes.

If you need accommodations: Accommodations must first be approved by the Disability Services Counselor. Necessary accommodations must be requested 5 days ahead of  test date via Debra Kuhn (307-268-3850).