Placement Testing

TAILWIND-Placement Exam

Location: Student Success Center, Gateway Center, 3rd floor
  • Contact: 307-268-2662
  • Each exam costs $8.00 (Math or English) or $16.00 for both.
  • Exam units expire 7 days after purchase.
  • Bring one of these forms of photo identification; Military ID, driver’s license, passport, current student ID, or  State ID
  • Know your Social Security Number and email address. (Your scores will be sent to that email address in 7 to 10 business days)
  • Electronic devices such as phones, smart-watches, Fit-Bits, and handheld calculators are NOT ALLOWED in the testing lab
  • Hats, coats, food, drinks, and hooded sweatshirts are prohibited in the testing lab
  • The Student Success Center has a secure location for small personal items to be stored during testing

Accommodations with the Disabilities Services Counselor must be requested 5 days ahead of time via Kortni Simonton at the Student Success Center. 

What to expect:
  • The exam is given on a computer in a testing lab with access to scratch paper & pencil; the calculator is built into the program
  • The Tailwind exam is two segments; English and/or Math
  • 90 minutes is given for each exam
  • The exams can be split up and taken on separate days
  • Your scores are part of your placement profile which allows us to place you in the most appropriate English and math classes for your skill level and major
  • It is not a pass/fail type of exam and you are not penalized for wrong answers; do not guess

For Math placement questions, please contact Claudia Stewart.

For English placement questions, please contact Jill Hughes.

Placement Testing Calendar

Please check the calendar(s) for available walk-in  or evening appointment testing times 

Placement Tables
Tailwind Practice Booklets

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