Employer Resources

Casper College works in partnerships with The Department of Workforces Services to help the  Wyoming community find work. Employers who are interested in posting jobs with Casper College can do so through the Department of Workforce Services. All job seekers that Casper College come into contact with will be directed to look for work through The Department of Workforce Services posting boards.  

If you are a New Employer posting with The Department of Workforce Services you can register for a free account.

If you are a Current Employer and have an account set up with The Department for Workforce you can add a new posting or check on your existing posting.

FAQs  – 

What is the The Department of Workforce Services? 

The Workforce Programs Division is responsible for the employment and social services aspects of DWS and includes One-Stop Workforce Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Unemployment Insurance. DWS works hard every day to help ensure safe and fair workplaces with qualified workers.

What information do employers need to open an account and post positions?

DWS will need your business FEIN.  Additionally they will verify your business is in good standing with Unemployment and Workers Compensation.  Once this has been verified, your business will be able to start posting positions.

How can DWS help your business find work?

DWS employs local Business Representatives who will work directly with your business to determine the type of position you are interested in hiring for, the skills and education preferences, any wage information that might be helpful to assist your business in getting the right applicants.  From there the business representative will search through Wyomingatwork.com to notify job seekers, who meet the skills and/or educational requirements of the available employment opportunity.  

Additionally DWS Business Representatives can assist your business by offering personal hiring events to promote the employment opportunities, invitations to local job fair events, or review of available grants available through DWS to assist your business needs 

NOTICE: Fraudulent job offers are documented and reported to the Federal Trade Commission.