Employer Resources

Find an employee - post on our job board

Casper College Career Services, in partnership with JobWise, provides a job board on our website to help match employers with students and graduates for off-campus jobs.

There are many options for employers to engage with Casper Colleges’ Career Services. The best way to assess how Career Services can assist you with your employment would be to connect with Ashley Bergeron at ashley.bergeron@caspercollege.edu 307-268-2446.

Below is a menu of options you can choose from to engage with the Casper College Community:
  • Post part-time or full-time jobs for Casper College students and alumni
  • Participate in our virtual job fairs and networking events
  • Meet with a Career Services professional to discuss best fit
  • Mentor students interested in learning more about career options
  • Create or participate in a internship program
  • Mentor students interested in learning more about various industries

We will soon be adjusting our job posting system to make it easier for employers to market their open positions to students and alumni. For now you can post your position with the State of Wyoming. If you have any positions that you are looking to fill that are focused on a specific degree path, please email Elaine.

Casper College works in partnership with The Department of Workforces Services to help the  Wyoming community find work. Employers who are interested in posting jobs with Casper College can do so through the Department of Workforce Services. All job seekers that Casper College come into contact with will be directed to look for work through The Department of Workforce Services posting boards.

If you are a New Employer posting with The Department of Workforce Services, you can register for a free account.

If you are a Current Employer and have an account set up with The Department for Workforce, you can add a new posting or check on your existing posting.