School of Science

“Casper College provided me with a fantastic and affordable education.” – geology graduate Matt Larsen, who is employed as a geologist for True Oil LLC

Do you ever wonder why something works the way it does? Or ask yourself why things happen? Do you dream of becoming an engineer or a veterinarian or doctor?

As a student in the School of Science at Casper College, you will have access to an outstanding hands-on, practical science education guided by experienced faculty in modern and well-equipped laboratories. Students work alongside faculty that include accomplished biologists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, paleontologists, as well as seasoned professionals from agriculture, nutrition, and other industries.

Unique opportunities for students in the School of Science:

Students have access to modern and well-equipped laboratories in the Loftin Life Science Center and the Wold Physical Science Center. Their experiences in the classroom and beyond give them the foundation for their future careers.

As a student at Casper College, experiences include:

  • Working with local schools and national organizations by taking part in events such as Science Olympiad, Math and Science Day for 4th graders, and First Lego League.
  • Unique science education at the Casper Planetarium, through the NASA Space Grant Program.
  • Work study opportunities in the greenhouse for biology and related majors.
  • Work study and volunteer opportunities in the Tate Museum, giving tours, helping with educational programs, prepping fossils in the lab, or working in the field at fossil dig sites.
Casper College’s tips and tricks to online learning

Casper College’s tips and tricks to online learning

For those who have never really tried online classes, it can be a bit of a learning curve to get into the swing of things. But, never fear, we have some tips to help you navigate through this temporary “new normal.”

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Julie Hansen

Academic Assistant, School of Science

Gerald (Jerry) Hawkes

Dean, School of Science

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