Staff Alliance

Full-time or part-time benefited staff are members of the Staff Alliance, hereinafter designated as “Alliance.” Each member shall be eligible to vote during elections, hold office, and participate in all the rights and privileges of the Alliance. Non-benefited part-time staff, staff retirees, and those who are classified staff of the UW/CC Center are associate members of the Staff Alliance. They shall have no voting power and be considered ineligible to hold office in the Alliance. They shall be entitled to all other rights and privileges of the Alliance.

  • The objective and purpose of the Alliance is:
    • To promote professional practices; active participation of all in the solution of institutional matters; and allegiance to a genuine spirit of professional ethics.
    • To encourage high performance standards among Casper College classified staff employees, hereinafter designated as “staff”; aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries and sound retirement systems; to support legislation for the betterment of higher education; to encourage improvements as will enable staff to function properly as a vital component to the progress of education at Casper College; and show recognition for retirement and meritorious service.
    • To be an active communication link for meaningful exchange between staff, faculty and administration relative to issues of mutual concern.
    • To encourage staff to exercise their rights and privileges as citizens and to accept leadership in campus and civic affairs.
  • The goal of the Alliance is:
    • Enhanced staff development opportunities.
    • Enhanced recognition for staff accomplishments
    • Improved communications between staff and all other employees.
    • Continued staff involvement in issues regarding working conditions and employment practices.

Executive Committee (2016-17):

  • Chair - Megan Schafer
  • Vice Chair - Stephanie Marker
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Robin Bisiar
  • CCT-A Activities Committee - Sarah Schneider, Jody Young
  • General Representatives - Katie Brown; John Ganley; Karel Mathisen; Jennifer Pepple; Patti Rohrbeck; Crystal Watts

What's new?

    Next All Staff Meeting - Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 10-11:30 a.m., GW#225

    Policy Approval:
    Policies are continually being updated and reviewed by the Policy Committee and College Council. Feedback sent in will be reviewed and a follow up email will be sent out to all Staff with feedback from the Policy Committee on all comments submitted. Feedback to all drafts of policies is welcome.
    All staff are welcomed and encouraged to attend all meetings.
    Next Executive Committee Meeting - Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 2 p.m. GW#404.
    Durst Award Committee:
    Click here for details. Stephanie Marker and Crystal Watts co-chair this committee for the 2016-17 year. Nominees for the 2017 Robert O. Durst award are (alphabetically): Tonya Clemens, Ann Dalton, Danielle Gallegos, Melissa Hyde, Sarah Neubauer, Jennifer Pepple, and Nita Romero.
    Link for Benevolent Funds
    As Shereen Matheson has changed positions and is now administrative, a request for a volunteer to fill the vacant seat for the Staff Alliance representative on this committee will be issued at the All Staff.
    Staff Alliance by-laws update.  The Staff Alliance bylaws were updated and approved at the last All Staff Meeting in September, 2015.