Outstanding Administrator Award

Outstanding Administrator of the Quarter:

Connie Colman

Instructor, Adult Learning Center

“Connie is extremely knowledgeable about the various aspects of her job and uses this to not only promote students’ learning, but to build a rapport with them to help combat barriers to their own learning.”

Linda Toohey

Associate Vice President, Student Services

“Linda executes her work with the utmost professionalism.  She is effective, efficient, strategic, collaborative, responsible, poised and supportive of our institution!”

Pat Allen

Supervisor of Custodial Services

“I don’t know of anyone on campus who works harder behind the scenes to make and keep the campus in such award winning shape as it is.  His standards for cleanliness are very high, and he makes sure everyone is trained to the best of their ability to meet those standards.”

Jerry Hawkes

Dean, School of Science

“Jerry is a master at listening and guiding.  He is always concerned with what is best for the students, faculty and staff of the School of Science, but does not stop there.  He will assist anyone involved with Casper College.”




The Casper College Outstanding Administrator Award is designed to recognize an administrator who demonstrates an outstanding service reputation. This would include: job performance, knowledge, effectiveness, character, communication, cooperation, judgment and interactions. The nominee must have completed a minimum of two years of service as an administrator at Casper College and have not received the honor during the previous five years. Administrators may not nominate themselves for this award.

Below are details about the

  • quarterly award
  • annual award



Quarterly award winners will receive a certificate, coffee mug and $25 coffee gift card (based on fund availability). They will also have their photo taken with the President, and be recognized on the website and at a Board of Trustees meeting.


Call for Quarterly Nominations announced across campus:

  • Quarter 1: opens June 30; closes July 15; announced July 31
  • Quarter 2: opens October 1; closes October 15; announced October 31
  • Quarter 3: opens January 1; closes January 15; announced January 31
  • Quarter 4: opens March 1; closes March 15; announced March 31

*Nominees will roll over for three subsequent quarters if not selected and new nominations will be requested in addition.

Quarterly Outstanding Administrator Winners (2020-2021)

  • Quarter 1: Jerry Hawkes – Dean, School of Science
  • Quarter 2: Pat Allen – Supervisor of Custodial Services
  • Quarter 3: Linda Toohey – Associate Vice President of Student Services
  • Quarter 4: Connie Colman – Adult Learning Center Instructor

Quarterly Outstanding Administrator Winners (2019-2020)

  • Quarter 1: Tom Popilek – Supervisor Buildings/Maintenance and Operations
  • Quarter 2: Shannon Eskam – Director, Student Financial Assistance
  • Quarter 3: Chelse DePaolo-Lara – Director, Adult Learning Center
  • Quarter 4: Joanne Theobald – Director of Counseling


The four Quarterly Outstanding Administrators will move forward for the nomination of Annual Outstanding Administrator. The Annual Outstanding Administrator for the year receives $1,000 (based on fund availability), an award plaque, and will be recognized on the website and at the end of year Retirement and Recognition event.

Timeline and Additional Criteria:

Public comment addressing the following questions will be called for starting on April 1st and will close April 15th:

  1. How does nominee display outstanding professionalism?
  2. How does the nominee interact with others in an outstanding manner?
  3. What traits and qualities have you seen since their nomination of quarterly outstanding administrator?
Nomination Process
  • Administrative Staff, classified staff, and faculty can nominate an administrator for this award.
  • Please download and complete the Nomination Form and submit to Corey Peacock, UU 404, by the stated deadlines.

Outstanding Administrators

  • Joanne Theobald [2020]
    Director of Counseling
  • Tracy Hasely [2019]
    Director, Student Health Services
  • Linda Nichols [2018]
  • Melissa Stahley-Cummings [2017]
    Director, Assessment
  • Lisa Goss [2016]
    Veteran and Hathaway Scholarship Coordinator
  • Leanne Loya [2015]
    Student Success Counselor
  • Donna Sonesen [2014]
    Director, Early Childhood Learning Center
  • Teresa Wallace [2013]
    Director, Counseling
  • Robyn Landen [2012]
    Director, Financial Services/Controller
  • Alison McNulty [2011]
    Registrar/Director, Admissions and Student Records
  • Lois Davis [2010]
    Dean, Educational Resources
  • Kim Byrd [2009]
    Student Success Coordinator
  • Kevin Anderson [2007]
    Western History/Automation Specialist
  • Janet de Vries [2006]
    Director, Career Services
  • Barb Meryhew [2005]
    Director, Housing/Student Activities
  • Mark Robinson [2004]
    Campus Security Director
  • Jim Ochiltree [2003]
    Vice President Student Services
  • Ron Mathisen [2002]
    Buildings Maintenance Supervisor
  • Shirley Jacob [2001]
    Grants Coordinator
  • Linda (King) Toohey [2000]
    Director, Admission Services
  • Lynn Fletcher [1999]
    Registrar/Coordinator Admissions and Student Records
  • William Landen [1997]
    Director, College Relations
  • Darry Voigt [1996]
    Director, Student Financial Aid
  • Jenny Black [1995]
    Admissions Coordinator
  • Russell Poppen [1994]
    Director, Student Placement/Career Services
  • R. Lynnette Anderson [1993]
    Director, College Library
  • Garth Shanklin (1992)
    Director, Counseling
  • Stan McDowell [1991]
    Director, Intramurals
  • Paul E. Hallock [1990]
    Director, Planning and Development
  • A. LeRoy Strausner [1989]
    Dean of Students