Proctoring Services



For questions about accommodations, please contact the Casper College Disability Services Office to schedule an appointment.


Fees charged for non-Wyoming U.S. institutions:

  • $25 per exam

Fees charged for non-U.S. institutions

  • $50 per exam

Test Taking Tips:

How to Reduce Test Anxiety …
… before your test.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Know the Testing Center’s hours of operation to ensure you will have sufficient time to complete your test.
  • Schedule an appointment for your test.
  • Build confidence by studying the content that will be on the test.
  • Familiarize yourself with the types of questions to expect and prepare accordingly.
  • Prepare for the exam well ahead of time. “Cramming” is a big culprit of test anxiety.
  • Ask for help if you need it.
… on testing day.
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep the night before the exam.
  • Don’t forget to eat the day of the exam, preferably something nutritious.
  • Give yourself extra time to find and arrive at the testing center before your appointment.
… during the test.
  • Read the test instructions carefully to ensure you know what to do.
  • Plan your time and pace yourself so that you are able to address all the questions within the time limit.
  • Focus on answering the questions, not on your grade or the performance of others.
  • Counter negative thoughts with other, more valid, thoughts like, “I don’t have to be perfect.”
  • Answer each question to the best of your ability, then go back and check over your work.
  • Practice relaxation techniques: progressive relaxation, meditation, deep breathing exercises.