Test Security and Fairness

  • Students are encouraged to schedule testing appointments in advance in order to guarantee a seat. Walk in appointments are welcome.
  • Students will need to present a valid photo ID before testing.  Student ID, driver’s license, military ID, and passports are valid forms of identification.
  • The Testing Center will be closed on all school holidays and as posted. If the Testing Center must close at other times, faculty and staff will be notified.
  • Any unforeseen closures will be communicated by email to faculty and staff. Hours and closures are available on the web page. Any unexpected campus closures will be posted on the Casper College homepage.
  • Please reschedule if you are unable to keep a testing appointment.
  • Cellular phones must be turned off while in the Testing Center and, together with all other personal items, including watches and electronics, must be placed in one of the secure lockers provided.
  • Pockets will be empty during testing.
  • No coats, jackets, scarves, or hats are allowed in the testing room.
  • All scratch paper and writing utensils will be supplied by the Testing Center.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed in the testing room.
  • No children are allowed in the Testing Center.
  • The individual testing room is only available to candidates with documented accommodations. Please contact the Casper College Disability Services Counselor well in advance of testing to arrange for necessary documentation.

Problem Solving

We realize situations arise which are outside the normal bounds that have been outlined. We are happy to create solutions for unusual circumstances in order to insure optimal learning assessments.

Please contact us if you need help solving a problem.

Contact Us

Phone: 307-268-3850


Fax: 307-268-2080

Located in the Thorson Business Building room  BU120

Debra Kuhn

Testing Coordinator

Sarah Grayson

Testing Specialist

Meagan Vreeman

Testing Specialist

Leslie LeClair

Testing Specialist