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Enroll in RB Professor — Sign up one time and have access to an efficient exam management system. Send exams securely to the testing center and monitor your students’ testing. You can see their appointment times, when they begin to test and when they end.

Faculty Instruction Form

Faculty instruction form is available here for download as a Microsoft Word document for those who choose not to use RB Professor.

Online Education Proctoring Service

Any instructor of an online course can contact the CCTC for assistance in aligning proctors with students. As a part of the network of testing centers through the Wyoming College Testing Association and the National College Testing Association, we have resources which are helpful in this area. Please contact us (3850) to assist you in assessing student learning.


(NCTA Proctoring Network)

Help your Distance Education students locate reliable testing centers in North America.
Visit the NCTA website for more information and to access an interactive location tool.

Problem Solving

We realize situations arise which are outside the normal bounds that have been outlined. We are happy to create solutions for unusual circumstances in order to insure optimal learning assessments.

Please contact us if you need help solving a problem.

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