Visual Arts Department

Casper College offers a quality visual arts education based on a foundation of both traditional and contemporary practices and ideas, promoting visual literacy, aesthetics and criticism.

Visual Arts students gain the ability to think and work imaginatively to better meet the challenges of contemporary society, as well as deepen their personal aesthetic understanding. The environment in the Visual Arts Center is always lively and very conducive to creative growth and intellectual change.

Graduates of the Visual Arts Department with Associate of Fine Art studio degrees will have a basic understanding of drawing, two and three-dimensional design and media and a basic understanding of the history of art. Graduates of an Associate of Arts degree in Art will have an overview of studio foundations and art history. Graduates of the Associate of Arts Museum/Gallery Studies degree will have an understanding of basic operations of a museum or gallery and an overview of the history and changing role of these facilities in society.


Associate of Arts degrees

Associate of Fine Arts degrees


NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design)

NASAD is an association of approximately 294 schools of art and design, primarily at the collegiate level, but also including postsecondary non-degree-granting schools for the visual arts disciplines. Casper College's visual arts programs are all accredited by NASAD. For more information about NASAD accreditation, please visit their website at

Transfer information

The Casper College Visual Arts department has had articulate transfer agreements with:

  • The University of Wyoming (general transfer to junior status)
  • Black Hills State University (general transfer to junior status)
  • The University of North Dakota (general transfer to junior status)
  • Chadron State College (currently in communication)
  • The Rocky Mountain College of Art in Design (currently in communication)
  • American Intercontinental University (currently in communication)

Students who wish to transfer credits earned at Casper College to four-year colleges and universities will generally have no difficulty doing so provided they have satisfactory grades (grades of C or better) and proper course selection. Casper College courses should be selected in accordance with the specific requirements of the schools to which a student plans to transfer.

Each college or university prescribes its own standards, but generally a student in good standing at one accredited institution can transfer to another without difficulty. Casper College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association, the highest academic accreditation available in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions and by other special accrediting bodies.

Students who plan to transfer are strongly urged to consult with their academic advisors or with transfer counselors.


  • Art History/Travel
    Students enroll in three semesters of art history, and have the option to enroll in special topics courses, such as Asian Arts and Cultures. The travel program allows students the opportunity to see the actual art and monuments that are reviewed in art history seminars.
    Recent Travel Abroad with Visual Arts Faculty trips include Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Athens, and Crete.
  • Ceramics
    The ceramics class teaches both hand building and throwing techniques. The studio boasts 22 wheels, five electric kilns, three high fire gas kilns, a soda/salt kiln, two wood kilns and a Raku kiln.
    Workshops with guest professional artists are offered each semester.
  • Foundations
    The Visual Arts Department teaches classes in 2D and 3D design that prepare students for more specialized classes like painting, sculpture and graphic design. With these foundation classes, students are able to deal with more complex art and design challenges.
  • Gallery
    The Goodstein Visual Arts Gallery displays work by professional artists from around the country and coordinates special artist workshops and lectures.
  • Graphic Design
    The Visual Arts department has a state-of-the-art computer lab. Each computer has photo editing, illustration, page layout, animation, video editing, and web design Adobe Creative Cloud software which is updated regularly to assure the students have access to the latest and greatest industry technology. The department also has photo quality printing and scanning equipment. It is here students harness technology to explore creative possibilities.
  • Metals
    The metals class focuses primarily on fabrication, with facilities for soldering, casting and enameling.
    The studio has a range of hand tools and equipment, including rolling mills, anvils, personal work benches, burnout kilns, vacuum caster, buffing machine and hydraulic press.
  • Painting and Drawing
    The Visual Arts department offers multiple classes in painting. Painting classes explore a wide variety of techniques in both realistic and abstract concerns.
    Drawing courses include Drawing I, Drawing II and Life Drawing.
  • Photography
    The Visual Arts department photography program is a great way to springboard your photography career. We offer quality classes in a comfortable setting. With a ratio of approximately ten students to each instructor you will have the opportunity to work closely with your instructor to make the most out of your college experience.
  • Printmaking
    Relief or Intaglio printmaking is offered every semester. The studio has four presses, hot plate, two rolling slabs, and ferric chloride baths for copper plates.
  • Sculpture
    The sculpture studio has facilities that accommodate mig, arc, and oxy acetylene welding as well as a fully functioning foundry for casting bronze and aluminum.
    In addition, the studio has a full range of power woodworking equipment.


Academic Assistant, School of Fine Arts & Humanities
Office: MU 137
Department Chair; Art (Ceramics) Instructor
Office: VA 111
Dean, School of Fine Arts and Humanities
Office: MU 132


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