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March 24, 2017
The Casper College Chamber Orchestra and Casper College Spanish students will present an evening of tango music, cultural exploration, and dance on Thursday, March 30 from 7 to 8 p.m. El Tango Más Tango “The Tangoest Tango” is free and open to the public.
March 22, 2017
Want to sell your car? Take a piano class. Interested in law school? Perhaps you should audition for "Guys and Dolls." A fine arts degree can teach you so many useful skills. Part 4 features Michelle Jarvis (AA, '10).
March 20, 2017
Tickets are now on sale for the Spring Contemporary Dance Concert performance of “Charlotte’s Web,” an adaptation of the popular children’s book by E.B. White on March 30, April 1 and 2, and April 6 through 8 at the Barbara and Leland Scifers Dance Studio.

Explore performance through courses in acting, voice, movement, dance, auditioning, and dramatic literature.

The theatre performance program at Casper College provides academic and experimental training in acting and theatre performance which equals or exceeds what is offered in the first two years at four-year institutions nationwide. You will be prepared to transfer to a bachelor's degree program after completing your associate degree at Casper College.

A graduate of the Casper College Associate of Arts in Theatre Performance program:

  • demonstrates self-knowledge and self-awareness of strengths, habitual patterns, and areas in need of further development.
  • demonstrates physical and vocal strength and the ability to embody creative choices.
  • develops the ability to convincingly live in imagined circumstances, conveying a sense of emotional truth.
  • is focused, concentrated, engages in active listening, and the has ability to give and take with fellow performers.
  • understands of subtext and the importance of discovering the complexity of each character.
  • has developed auditioning skills.

These goals are achieved through vigorous coursework and performance opportunities.

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Casper College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

For requirements and more information about this program, view its listing in the course catalog:

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With the combination of hardworking and kind students, wonderful facilities, creative and challenging classes, exciting productions, and a dedicated professional faculty and staff, we believe that you have all the resources necessary to succeed.

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