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Are you interested in learning a set of skills that are high in demand across many industries? Would you like to be a key player for an organization? Then welcome to the office management program.

Although often thought of as a support position, it is an integral part of any organization. To supervisors, managers and executives, these individuals are worth their weight in gold.

Successful graduates are suited for a wide variety of clerical, office assistant, administrative assistant or executive assistant opportunities depending on the region of the country and the industry they choose for employment. Likewise, salaries range from $36,000 - $65,000 per year.

This degree offers opportunities for traditional and non-traditional students alike and establishes a solid background for additional opportunities within an organization. Although this is an A.A.S. degree, graduates from this program may apply this degree toward an online applied science degree at the University of Wyoming.

What's the difference between the A.A.S. degree program and the certificate? The certificate provides many of the major courses chosen from the two-year program but is not all inclusive.  It is designed to be completed in a shorter period of time and therefore more skill oriented. 

Degree and certificate info

The office management A.A.S. degree program is accredited by the Accrediation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

For requirements and more information about these programs, view their listings in the course catalog:

Program highlights:

Student from this program comment about their co-op experience on a regular basis. For this experience, they are placed with a local employer for a real-world office opportunity to develop not only their technological skills but their soft skills as well. Many of these students have been offered jobs within those organizations with which they had their co-op experience.

Places where students have worked:

For the past five years graduates of this program were immediately placed upon graduation. Employers of these graduates include Casper College, the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and a local attorney.

"When I became a student at Casper College I just wanted to graduate. However, the growth I experienced outside of academic measure was finding my true self. You are never too old to learn. The instructors at Casper College want their students to succeed at the highest levels, not just graze by. The lessons I am taking away from Casper College go deeper than just the class material." — Lori Arr, Casper College graduate, spring 2014

Academic Assistant, School of Business and Industry
Office: BU 103
Department Chair, Computer Science and Information Systems;
Flex Lab Director
Office: BU 404C
Dean, School of Business and Industry
Office: BU 103A/CS 117