Campus Safety & Emergency Response


It is the task of the Casper College Curriculum Committee to approve or reject changes in the curricular offerings at Casper College.


The mission of the Casper College Curriculum Committee is to assure the continuing excellence of curricular offerings at Casper College, including:

  • Course offerings
  • Degree requirements
  • Certificate requirements
  • General Education requirements

Core Values:

  • Degrees one can reasonably expect to complete in 2 academic years.
  • Courses that grant credit based on established time investment.
  • Syllabi that accurately reflect the content, structure, demands, and outcomes of individual courses.
  • Maintenance and periodic review of the Institution’s General Education Program.
  • Certificates of sufficient substance as to prepare a student for the rigors of the area granting certification.
  • Continuing education offerings that serve the needs of the community.

2013-2014 Committee Members (by School):

  • School of Business and Industry: Gary Becker, Jason Eggemeyer, Sissy Goodwin
  • School of Fine Arts and Humanities: Nathan Baker, Richard Burk, Justin Hayward
  • School of Health Science: Fred Kuck, Dino Madsen, Marla Wonser
  • School of Science: Brandi Atnip, Melissa Connely, Matt Nickodemus
  • School of Social & Behavioral Sciences: Kerri Mahlum, Terry Rogers
  • Educational Resources: Jeanette Murrell

Campus Safety & Emergency Response