Educational Programs at the Werner Museum

Adult Study Group

September 17, 2020: “History of Museum Collecting: From Wonder Cabinets to the Werner Wildlife Museum.” by Museum Director Patti Finkle and Dr. Valerie Inella Maiers 

October 15, 2020 “Moths of Natrona County” by Dwaine Wagoner
Ever wondered about the names of those moths that enliven gardens and wild country during the warm months of the year, or how they survive Wyoming’s harsh winters? Dwaine Wagoner will share this information and more at the October 15 meeting of the Wildlife Study Series at Werner Wildlife Museum.

Interested in programs dedicated to learning about animals that live right here in wonderful Wyoming? Want to meet other people who share your interests?  Join us at Werner Wildlife Museum, 405 East 15th Street, on the fourth Thursday at 7 pm  for presentations about wildlife science, mythology, stories of real life animal encounters, and a close look at the museum’s wild animal collection. Reservations for the following programs are appreciated but walk-ins are never turned away. Call the museum at 235-2108 for more information.