Faculty Alliance | Casper College, Wyoming

Faculty Alliance

The Faculty Alliance shall be constituted of all full-time or part-time benefited, contracted teaching faculty, or full-time personnel who are paid on the faculty salary schedule or issued faculty contract. All members of the Alliance shall be eligible to nominate, vote for and serve as members of the Senate. The executive committee for the Alliance is the officers of the Senate. A Membership Committee of the Senate shall meet in March of the spring term and determine all the names of eligible Alliance members to participate in voting and being elected. A majority of the Senate may override the recommendations of the Membership Committee.

  • The Alliance is empowered:
    • To advocate policy on all academic matters including the following:
      • the standards for admission, selection, and retention applicable to students for the College
      • requirements for granting degrees and certificates
      • curricular requirements
      • instructional standards throughout the College
      • facilitation of academic research
      • standards of academic freedom throughout the College
      • class size
      • academic calendar
      • duration and time of instructional period; vacation period, grade due requirements; and any other essentially academic matters pertaining to the College
    • To advise on the following matters of institutional policy:
      • appointment, reappointment, dismissal, rank, continuing contract, promotion, sabbaticals, leaves and teaching loads of faculty members
      • review of the principal college-wide administrative and academic officers, the creation and reorganization of such offices, and procedures for faculty participation in the selection and review of chairs of divisions and deans of schools
      • expenditure of funds allocated to instruction and academic or instructional-related research
      • issues affecting current or projected budget decisions, programs for faculty welfare concerns such as salaries and benefits; standards for student conduct and student affairs
    • To consult with the Board of Trustees regarding the selection of a President of the College whenever that office shall become vacant; and any other subject relative to the welfare of the College.
      • All policies and procedures the Alliance recommends to the College must be proposed through the Senate
      • All academic policy recommendations shall be transmitted to the President or Vice Presidents of the College