Annual Summer Conference | Casper College, Wyoming

Annual Summer Conference

Tate Conference 2018: June 1-3

Paleobotany: Rooted In The Past


Scott Wing, Smithsonian Instsitution.   “Fossils to the Rescue – What the Distant Past has to tell us about the Present and the Future.”  

Overview of conference events:

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(Listed alphabetically, for now)

Karen Chin, University of Colorado

Regan Dunn, Field Museum

Patricia Gensel, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Bonnie JacobsSouthern Methodist University

Andrew LeslieBrown University

Steve ManchesterFlorida Museum of Natural History 

"The inside story on Paleocene fruits and seeds:  new discoveries from micro-CT scanning of fossiliferous sediments from the Fort Union Formation in central Wyoming."

Ian Miller, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Mike RischbieterPresbyterian College

Lauren Schmidt, University of Wyoming

Selena Y. Smith, University of Michigan

Elisabeth Wheeler, North Carolina State University


Field Trips:

The first field trip will be to the Eagle Butte Coal Mine in Gilette, Wyoming on June 1st.  This is an open pit coal mine that supplies coal to much of the country.  The mine owners, Blackjewel, LLC, will allow us in to look for Paleocene leaves in some of the overburden that they will put aside just for us.  It is about a two our drive from Casper, and there will probably be a safety talk.  Company geologist Dave Olson will be leading the group around.  

The second field trip will be to the Big Cedar Ridge locality in the Bighorn Basin on Sunday June 3rd.  This has been labeled a paleobotanical Pompeii due to its excellent presevation.  Keynote speaker Scott Wing discovered it in 1990 and will be showing us around and telling us about the fossils and the work done there.    It is in the Campanian Meteetsee Formation. 


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We will have rooms reserved for the Tate Conference at the Ramkota Hotel in Casper.   


We are always looking for sponsors for our conference.  With the help of sponsors we are able to defray the costs of the Tate Conference, especially bringing the speakers to Casper.