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English (Literature/Writing/Secondary Education)

English Degree: Apply Liberally

Businesses and organizations know that English majors learn soft skills that get the hard work done. That’s because when applied liberally, the skills you’ll learn getting an English degree will make you great at analyzing and solving big problems, understanding and connecting to people, and communicating effectively and persuasively.

As an English major, you’ll find a rewarding career that makes a difference for others by working within business, law, social work, arts and entertainment, education, or research.

We offer AA degrees in these English concentrations.

To see courses that are part of these degrees, take a look at our catalog.​


*There are no prerequisites to enter this program

  • Courses you’ll take:
    • Human communication theory and research
    • Applied skills in diverse communication settings and interactions
  • Skills you’ll learn:
    • Analysis and Critical Thinking
    • Criticism and Argumentation
    • A broad understanding of people and cultures
  • Apply skills in these careers:
    • Journalist
    • Teacher
    • Archivist
    • Librarian
    • Lawyer
    • Editor
    • Interpreter
    • Social Media Manager
    • Advertising Executive
    • Public Relations Manager

*There are no prerequisites to enter this program

  • Courses you’ll take:
    • Choose courses in writing, including Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, and Technical Writing.
    • Select among Humanities and Literature electives.
    • Technical Writing
  • Skills you’ll learn:
    • Writing across genres for a variety of audiences

    • Persuasion and Argumentation

    • Editing and Criticism

  • Apply skills in these careers:
    • Technical Writer

    • Grant Writer

    • Copy Editor

    • Copy Writer

    • Science Writer

    • Social Media Manager

    • Public Relations Specialist

Secondary Education

*There are no prerequisites to enter this program

  • Courses you’ll take:
    • Surveys of American and English Literature

    • Choose electives in Writing and Literature

  • Skills you’ll learn:
    • Content Knowledge of Literature

    • Understand Literary Forms and Contexts

    • Working in Groups to Discuss ideas and problems.

  • Apply skills in these careers:
    • Teacher

    • Curriculum Writer

    • Education Director

    • Project Director

    • Educational Assessment Director

Composition Sequence

English Placement Chart (PDF)

Apply your skills!

The English department has some unique opportunities for you.
  • Paid Writing Center tutor positions provide CC students with an on-campus, schedule-flexible opportunity to help peers write with confidence.
  • Students at Casper College can publish their work in the creative art publication, Expression Literary and Arts Magazine, and the student newspaper, Chinook. You can also gain experience by working as staff editors for these publications, learning layout and printing processes, design, event planning, and marketing and promotion.
Participate in our community and explore!

The English Department and other departments at Casper College host some amazing events of interest to English majors.

Attending your dream university starts right here at CC

A transfer agreement is available for this degree. Students who choose CC for their first two years of college are prepared to transfer and finish their degrees anywhere in the world. Learn how you can earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or even your doctorate through one of our university partnerships with schools from across the country.

English provides an advantage in these careers and many more!
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“The [English] education classes at Casper College provided me with many opportunities to make both formal and informal presentations, providing me with the opportunity to hone my speaking skills.”

— Kaycee Monnens, Casper College grad, ’17

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