Getting Started Online

A wide variety of services and resources are available to online and/or off-site learners at Casper College. The Digital Learning Center (DLC) is a resource to answer general questions about learning online and/or can point you to the appropriate academic or student services department.

In this section:

  • How to enroll in an online course
  • How to apply to an online program
  • Cancellation, drop and withdrawal
  • Computer/technical requirements and support
  • Online learning management system (MyCCMoodle)
  • Other important info for online students

Contact Info

For general information about online courses and programs at Casper College, contact the Digital Learning Center.

How to enroll in an online course

At Casper College, we serve several categories of online learners. Select the student category that you identify with:

Degree-seeking student:

I am currently enrolled in a campus-based program and would like to take an online class

  1. Review online course offerings via CC schedule or WyClass
  2. Contact your academic advisor to review/discuss your online course selection
  3. Know the correct course number and online section number
  4. Register for a class
  5. Check the academic calendar for important enrollment deadlines
Non-degree seeking student:

I am not currently admitted to a degree program at CC and would like to take an online class

  1. Review online course offerings via CC schedule or WyClass
  2. Verify that you have met any requirements or prerequisites
  3. Register as a non-degree student

How to apply to an online program

Are you interested in applying to Casper College to complete a degree that has online courses?

  1. Select your program from the list of online degree and certificate programs
  2. Apply as a first-time or transfer student via Casper College Admissions

Cancellation, drop and withdrawal

A student may withdraw from college with grades of “W” in all courses (regardless of the grades in the courses at the time of withdrawal) until four weeks before the end of the semester for fall and spring semesters. Note: For short courses check with Enrollment Services for specific withdrawal dates. View complete withdrawal procedures. To receive a refund or adjustment, the drop or withdrawal from the course(s) must occur by the deadlines listed on the Refund Policies page (also listed in the Casper College Catalog).

Computer/technical requirements and support

You will need to make sure your personal computer meets the necessary technology requirements by reviewing the software and hardware standards.

CC Help Desk can help you with the following issues:

  • Login and access problems
  • Questions about computer or application features
  • General troubleshooting
  • Help Desk-supported software assistance

Online learning management system (MyCCMoodle)

Casper College uses a learning management system, called MyCCMoodle, for all its online courses. Course syllabus, calendar of activities, resources, assignments and quizzes, discussions, and grades can be accessed through MyCCMoodle. Using your login credentials, sign in to MyCCMoodle to access your course contents.

Other important info for online students