Advising and Registration | Casper College, Wyoming

Advising and Registration

The steps for advising and registration are different for NEW vs. RETURNING students.

If this is your first semester at Casper College...

NEW admitted degree-seeking students

Fall 2018 Advising and Registration

9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

  • August 3 (Friday)
  • August 16 (Thursday)

Call to set up your appointment to meet with an advisor: 307-268-2323

Registration for Spring 2019 semester is TBA

And remember to RSVP for Orientation, too!

If this is not your first semester at Casper College...

RETURNING/ENROLLED admitted degree-seeking students

Registration for Fall 2018 

1. Meet with your Advisor to pick out classes in MyCCInfo

· Your advisor and their contact information was sent to your CC email (firstname.lastname@ on March 19, 2018

2. Clear any holds

· If you have any holds, you will be sent an email the week of March 19-21st with information on how to get them taken care of.

3. Know when you can register

· Check your email for information on the specific date and time you are allowed to register. 

4. Log on to MyCCInfo and register (instructions on how to register in MyCCInfo)


Who is my academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is assigned to you during your first enrolled semester at Casper College and is normally a faculty member that teaches within your chosen major area.  To find out who your academic advisor is:

  • Log in to myCCinfo and find your advisor's name on your "My Progress" page  or
  • Call Enrollment Services at 307-268-2323.

What does my academic advisor do?

They will answer questions about possible careers, Bachelor's degrees,  internships, and help you get to graduation!  Your academic advisor will also help you choose which courses you should take in upcoming semesters.

When do I see my academic advisor?

You should see your academic advisor at least once a semester.  By meeting with your academic advisor on a regular basis, you will know which courses are needed for you to graduate and decide on your next step, whether it be transferring to a 4 year college or going into the workforce.

I want to change my major. How do I do that?

Fill out the Change of Major form.