Transfer Scholarships

American Association of University Women (AAUW-Cody)
The Cody Branch of American Association of University Women scholarships is for junior, senior or graduate level women, preference for Cody area women. Selection for the scholarship is based on scholastic ability, financial need, and indication of commitment to one’s chosen field.

Chadron State Community College Scholarship
Casper College can nominate one student to receive full-time tuition at Chadron State. The student must:

  • Be graduating from CC Spring or Summer.
  • The award is non-transferable.
  • The award will waive tuition (only) charges for up to 16 hours per semester for in state on-campus rates.
  • The recipient must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 to renew the award for a second year.
  • The recipient must enroll full-time at Chadron State College.
  • Continuous enrollment at Chadron State is required to receive the award.
  • Academic or social probation/suspension after enrollment at Chadron State College can nullify the award.

To apply please submit a letter of interest outlining the following:

  • Achievements and accomplishments,
  • Educational goals, AND
  • Reason for seeking this scholarship.

Application letters are due by March 29 each spring to Casper College Enrollment Services.

University of Wyoming Alumni Scholarships
Applications will open in Novemberand all applications and supporting materials must be completed and submitted online by sometime in December.

***Wyoming INBRE funding opportunities