Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Meal Plan Rates

In making your plans to enroll at Casper College, the following estimated costs and fees will help you determine you and your family’s potential financial plans. See below for more details, including per-credit cost and housing options.

In addition, you can use the Net Price Calculator to get an early estimate of your full-time cost of attendance and financial aid at CC.

There is no application fee.

2024-25 Tuition and Fees (fall and spring semester)

Summary of Costs

2024-25 Tuition and Fees (fall and spring semesters)

This does not reflect any financial aid or scholarships.

  • Resident: $4,410
  • WUE: $6,000
  • Non-resident: $10,710

*Based on 15 credit hours.

Living expenses, including food and housing

Standard double occupancy with meal plan, including housing deposit: $8320.00

Note: There is no resident/non-resident distinction in CC’s housing fees. Fees vary based on occupancy type and selected meal plan.

Books, course materials, supplies and equipment


Note: These costs include all potential books, supplies, learning technology and other resources you might need. Because they vary, the figure above represents an average number and is subject to change. This figure does not include potential transportation costs, miscellaneous and personal expenses, or loan fees.

Detailed breakdown of costs

Tuition and Fees

effective Fall 2024 (per semester)
Credit HoursIn-StateWUEOut-of-State

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) – Residents of the following states qualify for tuition through the WUE program: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington. Nebraska residents are eligible to enroll in Casper College programs at the WUE rates.

2024-2025 Course fee breakdown Per credit

Student Publications$ 0.40
Student Senate$ 1.10
Student Activities Board$ 0.60
Athletics$ 0.45
Theater$ 0.20
Records$ 0.65
General Course Fee$ 3.00
Supplemental - Digital Tech$5.75
Intramural/Rec. Activities$1.44
Health Service$3.50

Some courses will charge an additional course fee that will be noted in the class schedule, for example:

  • Fitness Center Fee – $30
  • Applied Music Fee – $90 per credit hour
  • Commercial Fees – Variable – Third Party Provider Fees examples include nursing assessment fees, emergency medical technician and paramedic technology testing and supply fees, admission fees, instructional supplies provided for students, etc. Refer to the class schedule for course fees associated with a specific class.

Each additional credit hour charged at full credit hour price.

Full tuition and fees are charged for an audited course.


Residence Hall Room and Meal Plan Rates

effective Fall 2024 (per semester)

There is a $200 housing deposit that is required at time of application.

Flex Bucks can be used during business hours at the Tobin Dining Hall, the Doornbos Student Lounge (located in Liesinger Hall), and the Walter H. Nolte Gateway Center, 3rd floor.

More Residence Hall information and application.

Meal PlanResidence Hall
Double Occupancy
Residence Hall
Single Occupancy
19 meals per week + $100 Flex Dollars$4,060$5,090
12 meals per week + $150 Flex Dollars$4,060$5,090
10 meals per week + $275 Flex Dollars$3,935$4,965


Apartment Rental Rates

More information and application for the CC apartments.

Apartment BuildingRental Rate
Wheeler Terrace Apartment$2,935/semester or $5,870/academic year (double occupancy, no meal plan required)
Civic Apartment$675 per month
Thorson Apartment$675 per month
Apartment/Commuter Meal Plan: 65 meals per semester + $50 Flex Bucks ** Payments through Casper College$530 per semester (for students not living in the Residence Hall)


Additional costs for 2024-25 academic year

Books, course materials, supplies and equipment

$2,100 (for 15 credit hours)

If you would like to use your excess financial aid to purchase books and/or supplies at our campus bookstore, you can do so for the Fall 2024 semester from July 29- August 23, 2024 – Spring 2024 semester from January 2-24, 2025. This only applies to students who are expecting a financial aid refund.



  • Living on-campus = $1100
  • Living off-campus = $1100
  • Living with parents = $1100


  • Living on-campus = $2150
  • Living off-campus = $2150
  • Living with parents = $2150
Miscellaneous and personal

Dependent = $1,800

Independent = $1,800

Loan Fees


By registering for class, students assume responsibility for all charges, for knowing the correct tuition and fees owed, for verifying the status and balance of their account, and for payment of all charges in the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) office prior to payment deadlines.

The Casper College District Board reserves the right to alter tuition, fees, and living expenses, including food and housing at any time by the amount necessary to maintain the institution.