DLC: Student Support

Information for students about resources provided by and supported by the Digital Learning Center at Casper College.

Definitions of delivery methods

  • Internet / Online — These courses are identified as N1, N2, etc., sections and NET under the delivery mode. All courses follow a schedule and are not self-paced.  However, there is no set time for classes to meet. Coursework is delivered online and asynchronous.
  • Online/Synchronous –  These courses are identified as D1 or D2 sections and NET under the delivery mode but do have days and times listed that the student needs to be online. Coursework is delivered online, synchronously.
  • Hybrid / Blended — These courses, identified as H1, H2, consist of an internet component that replaces part of an on-campus lecture course or they may contain an on-campus/online lab component.
  • Face-to-Face or Web-enhanced — These courses, identified as 01, 04, 60, etc., are face-to-face on-campus classes that use an online component. Students are required to access the online environment to retrieve resources and submit graded activities.
  • HyFlex – These courses, identified as F1 or F2 sections, allow students to attend face-to-face, online synchronously, or online asynchronous. Students can choose which delivery method works for them from day-to-day or week-to-week.

Quick guide to section numbers

  • A, B, NA, NB etc – Zero credit labs
  • Start with D – Online synchronous
  • Start with F  – HyFlex
  • Start with H – Hybrid
  • Start with N – Online asynchronous
  • Start with R – Redesign Math classes
  • 01-19 – on campus, face-to-face
  • 30-39 – Concurrent sections at the high schools
  • 60’s – Short classes that run the first half of the semester
  • 70’s – Short classes that run the middle part of the semester
  • 80’s – Short classes that run the last half of the semester
  • 90-91 – Learning communities (two courses that must be taken together)
  • 95 – Honors courses

Online Tutoring Services: NetTutor

Log into MyCCMoodle using your CC username and password, then click on the NetTutor link.

NetTutor Subjects

  • Accounting Tutorial
  • Computers and Technology Tutorial
  • Economics Tutorial
  • Mathematics Tutorial
  • Mathematics Tutorial in Spanish
  • Writing Tutorial
  • Reading Tutorial
  • Science Tutorial
  • Spanish Tutorial