DLC Resources for Faculty

Delivery Methods

  • Internet / Online — Coursework is delivered online. These courses are identified as N1, N2, etc., sections and NET under the delivery mode. All courses follow a schedule and are not self-paced.
  • Hybrid / Blended — These courses, identified as H1, H2, or sometimes 01, 02, etc., may consist of an internet component that replaces part of an on-campus lecture course or they may contain an on-campus/online lab component.
  • Web-enhanced — These courses, identified as 01, 04, 60, etc., are face-to-face on-campus classes that use an online component. Students are required to access the online environment to retrieve resources and submit graded activities.


  • MyCCMoodle Course Request
    To request a meta (multi-section) course, a course for future development, or a course of the current semester, use this form.
  • Multimedia Request
    To request videos uploaded to the CC YouTube Educational Channel, including transferring Kaltura videos, WebEx recordings, your captures, or narrated PowerPoint files.
  • Training Session
    To apply for training sessions, please call 307-268-2486


MyCCMoodle Resources

  • MyCCMoodle will work with any browser, although there are still some issues with Internet Explorer
  • Instructor MyCCMoodle Demo Course (link is also available in MyCCMoodle > Instructor Help menu)
    • Instructor Course Packet
      • Quality Course Guidelines Checklist – For online, hybrid or web-enhanced courses
      • Sample Welcome Letter
      • Sample Forum Rubric
      • Honor Code Contract
      • Plagiarism Tutorial from Purdue University (used with permission)
      • Student Success Materials
      • Films On Demand Instructions
      • Copyright Permission Template
      • And much more

Quality Matters

Quality Matters™ (QM™) is a self-supported organization that specializes in training and course reviews to produce useful distance learning courses.  Their core concepts are based on a nationally recognized course rubric that aims to provide “better than good enough” courses.   In a peer course review, course design and alignment are assessed to make sure all areas of the course “work together.”   Courses that are discussed and receive the QM™ seal of approval meet eight core competencies and get at least a B+ or 85% grade based on the QM™ Rubric.

Casper College along with the other higher education institutions in Wyoming are proud subscribers of QM™.  Quality Does Matter!

Other Faculty Resources for Digital Learning

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

Sloan Consortium

Academic Impressions