State Authorization

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)

What is State Authorization?

The United States Department of Education requires all institutions of higher education to seek authorization in every state and territory in which they provide educational opportunities, physically or virtually.  Casper College through the Wyoming Community College Commission and SARA is authorized to offer fully online education in the states at the link below.

On Campus (physical presence) Student Grievance Procedure

Students who believe the college or its employees have treated them unfairly or inequitably may seek resolution through the student grievance policy. The full policy and procedures are available at The vice president of student services is available to review the policy with students. Students may not grieve college policies, procedures, or regulations or sanction issued for a code of conduct violations. Grievances may be addressed through an informal resolution, formal resolution, or grievance hearing.  Sexual misconduct violations are referred to the Title IX Coordinator,  and addressed in the Sexual Misconduct policy.

 Distance Education Student Grievance Procedure

In the case of a student who is taking a distance education class and does not live in the area, all meeting will be via phone or digital. Please contact the vice president for academic affairs at to begin this process.

If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of the institutional process, the distance education complaint may then be brought to the state agency under the state reciprocal agreement. To file a complaint with Wyoming, contact Larry Buchholtz at

Compliant Process Wyoming Community College Commission ( However, complaints about grade appeals and conduct complaints are excluded through the state process and need to be settled with Casper College.