Responsibilities, Holds, Late Fees, Collections

Payment for tuition and fees for a semester are due no later than the payment deadline. Accounts not paid or without payment arrangements by the deadline will be subject to additional fees, account holds and possible submission for collection if the balance isn’t paid in full by the last day of the semester.

Student responsibilities

By registering for class, students assume responsibility for all charges, for knowing the correct tuition and fees owed, for verifying the status and balance of their account, and for payment of all charges in the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) office prior to payment deadlines. NOTE: Students whose “home” institution is the University of Wyoming or any of Casper College’s upper division partners, and who are concurrently enrolled in Casper College courses, are required to pay Casper College tuition directly to Casper College by the Casper College payment deadline.

Failure to properly register: A student who attends class without being properly registered in that course and subsequently wishes to receive credit for that course, will be required to pay, with collected funds, the tuition and fees associated with the course plus all of that semester’s finance charges prior to the student’s enrollment in the course.

Nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal. Students must notify the registrar if they will not attend a semester at Casper College for which they are registered. Failure to pay tuition and fees does not constitute withdrawal. Students are responsible for charges incurred to the date of formal withdrawal according to the refund schedule. If a student’s federal financial aid or any other source of funding, including financial aid issued by another institution, trust fund distribution, payment by employer or other parties, will not be available prior to a payment deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the AFM Office prior to the deadline to make payment arrangements. A student should verify receipt of expected outside payments by the AFM Office prior to due dates to avoid finance charges. Note: Casper College tuition will not be deducted from financial aid issued by another institution. Failure to make payment or arrangements will result in the assessment of finance charges and account holds.

Casper College does not mail paper statements during the term. Email reminders are sent to the student’s Casper College email address before the term begins and monthly thereafter. It is the student’s responsibility to make payment by the payment deadline. Students can log into myCCinfo to view details of charges, financial aid, and account balances at any time. A login and password are required. Failure to make payment by a published due date will result in the assessment of finance charges. These fees will not be waived because a student did not receive a statement. Tuition payments may be made online through myCCinfo. Payments can also be made in person during regular office hours (GW 3rd Floor) with cash or check.

All returned checks will be assessed a return check fee. If the check was for payment on an account, the payment is considered not to have been made and a finance charge will be added.

An authorization to bill for a student’s tuition and fees will be accepted from government agencies, such as DVR, or a student’s employer. The authorization must be on file in the AFM Office prior to the payment deadline to avoid the assessment of extension/late payment fees to the student’s account. Casper College will bill the third party according to the terms of the authorization with payment due within 30 days from the date of billing. The student is responsible for timely payment of any fees not covered by the authorization, finance charges assessed as a result of the authorization not received prior to due dates, and the account balance if the third party fails to pay the amount authorized and billed.

Holds, late fees, and collections information

When payment of an account balance or payment on a payment plan is past due, a “hold” is placed on the student’s records. Any account with an outstanding balance, regardless of arrangements, will have a “hold” placed on the student’s records prior to early registration. This will prevent any new registrations, issuance of academic transcripts, etc. A “hold” will not be released unless payment in full is made with collected funds (credit/debit card, cash, cashier’s check, money order). If paid with a personal check, a delay of two weeks from the date of deposit will be required prior to the “hold” being released. A student who incurs a debt to Casper College during a semester, after registering for a subsequent semester, will have a hold placed on his/her records. If that debt is not paid by the due date on the billing statement for that debt, the subsequent semester’s registration will be deleted.

Finance charges are assessed when payments are not made by the billed due date. Finance charges may occur up to four times a semester at an estimated rate of 5.08% each instance and is applied to the outstanding balance. This rate calculates to an estimated annual percentage rate of 21.5%. A petition form to request finance charges be waived is available in the Accounting and Financial Management Office.

An account that has not met payment requirements may be referred for collection at any time. Collection costs may be added to the outstanding balance when an account is referred for collection. Accounts may also be assessed any court costs and attorney’s fees incurred as a result of collection efforts. There will be no adjustments to or petition consideration given on an outstanding balance after the account has been referred for collection. Once an account is turned over for collection, all payments must be made to the collection agency. The default will be reported to credit reporting agencies. Referral for collection will adversely affect a student’s credit at Casper College. That means in the future a student will be required to prepay tuition before registering for courses and will not be permitted to utilize the payment plan.