Happy Valentine's Day: CC Love Stories

From mistaken assignment due dates to dorm room movies dates, current and former Casper College students share their CC love stories.

The art of dating: Kathy Backman and Kyle McCord

Kyle and I met in a printmaking class at CC in the fall of 2012. Both of us were too shy to talk to most of our classmates, let alone each other. Toward the end of the semester we began chatting here and there in class. I embarrassingly admit that I used a class assignment as an excuse to start talking to him more. I asked him if he remembered when our final was due and pretended like I had no clue – but I actually knew the whole time. He gave me the completely wrong due date but I thanked him anyway (and reminded him of the right date later). He then slipped me his number in case I had any more questions for him. We talked for a couple of months. That next February we had our first date and in March we became "Facebook official." The photo of us is from a trip we took to Santa Fe with the Casper College art department in April 2013. This March we will be celebrating our fourth anniversary as a couple. — Kathy Backman

Kathy Backman and Kyle McCord

From Wyoming to Texas and back again: Heath and Jamie Hornecker

So, I met this guy at Casper College. Do you recognize him? If not, you should, as he's one of your awesome faculty. We met the first day of livestock judging class in the fall of 1995. He told me that he was certain he had met me somewhere before. I think I told him that it must have been in his dreams. We didn't start dating until December of our sophomore year, and over a glass of water in the dorms (Morad Hall, to be exact). We followed each other to Texas and back to Wyoming while we continued our education, and were married in 2001. We ended up back in Casper where it all started in 2003. Here we are almost 22 years, four children, and a lot of adventures later, and the rest is history. Thanks, Casper College, for giving me my best friend. — Jamie Bobinmyer-Hornecker

Heath and Jamie Hornecker

A special Christmas Carol: Holly and Dustin Hills

I met my hubby in 1995 at CC! We were in a theatre production of A Christmas Carol. Been happily married since 1999 with three amazing kiddos. — Holly Hills

Holly and Dustin Hills


Matchmaking by class schedule: Bradley and Lindsey Erickson

My wife (Lindsey Miller at the time) and I met at Casper College as computer science majors in 2001. Our first date was in 2002 on college graduation evening. We went to the Star Wars Attack of the Clones premiere. We have been together since! We married in 2009. Had our first son, Rowan, in 2013, and we are looking forward to our next son who arrives around April 25! We have fond memories of sharing many classes together, including Calc II & III, Discrete Structures, Tae Kwon Do, Criminal Justice, Creative Writing, and Assembly Programming. In our first sparring match in Tae Kwon Do, she gave me a bloody nose! She has since carried on to achieve her black belt. Casper College is a great school, and we will always treasure our time there. — Bradley Erickson

Lindsey and Bradley Erickson

“I didn't like cowboys, but boy was he cute”: Mary and Rod Litzel

Rod and I met at CC in 1985 while I was an RA at McIntyre Hall. He was in the ag program and on the judging team. I didn't like cowboys, but boy was he cute. I continued my nursing degree and graduated in May of '87. He went to Texas A&M and we had a long-distance romance until we married in January 1988. We now have two kids who are CC alums! Loved it there. — Mary Litzel

Mary and Rod Litzel

From project partners to partners for life: Chris and Sarah Neubauer

I met my husband on the first day of fall classes in 2005. We were both in Introduction to Mass Media. He sat directly across from me and the first thing I noticed was that he was swiveling his chair nervously, just like I was. Come to find out, by the end of the week, Chris and I had three more classes together. By the second semester we had become good acquaintances, working on small assignments together and running in the same study groups. We really became friends when we had to work on our final for Reporting and Newswriting I. Both of our partners for the project had dropped out halfway through, so we had to team up and put together our final in the last week of classes. It turned out great and that led us to be co-editors of the Chinook. After that, we became we close friends. Chris and I did not start dating until we finished our bachelor's degrees in 2010. We were married in 2013 and still make a really good team. — Sarah Neubauer

Chris and Sarah Neubauer

A memorable Valentine’s Day dance: Kimberly and Phillip Fry

Phillip and I met back in the spring semester of 2008. I was a theatre major who grew up with a ranching background in Gillette, he was an ag major from small-town Idaho. Though we saw each other in the Commons, we didn't officially meet until sheep production class that spring. It was a fun class for me and I was alone, definitely not in my major. I noticed this boy would sit in front of me, but any time someone would answer a question in class in my area, he would turn around and stare at me. It was very obvious as the stare would be longer than necessary. I was flattered. Finally a month into classes at the Valentine's Day dance, we officially spoke. He asked me to dance. We were dancing and talking and his buddy came up and said, "So, you must be Kim." Come to find out Phillip had been talking about me and thought his buddy had ruined his chance in taking to me. We decided to go on a date. We watched Anchorman in my dorm room, eating Ben and Jerry's, on opposite ends of my dorm bed. At the end of the night, he was saying goodbye when all of a sudden, he kissed me and left. Our second date was much better, watching a movie in his dorm room. A week after Valentine's Day, we started dating. We both graduated from Casper College and transferred to the University of Idaho, then graduated from there in 2011. Phillip and I have a goofy relationship and we have bickered since the beginning. We would talk of marriage and I would tell him he had to wait five years, no matter when we talked about it, it was five years. He would say he was only going to ask once and I would tell him if it was under five years he knew my answer. On February 2014, right before our six-year anniversary, he popped the question, I said yes! We were married on 5-30-15 with the man who Phillip thought almost ruined things as our best man. If it weren't for Casper College, our lives would have been so much different! — Kimberly Fry

Long-distance love: Lindsey and Aaron Temple

My husband and I met at Casper College in 2003 through a mutual friend. Six months after dating he was deployed to Iraq with the national guard. We continued to write letters and he called whenever he could. When he returned he fished his associates through Casper College and then transferred to UW to obtain his teaching degree. I stayed at Casper College to receive my Master's degree through CC/UND OT program. We have been together for 13 years, married for 7, and have two little boys. — Lindsey Bartholomew Temple

Temple family photo

Rodeo romance: Lori and Hank Franzen

Hank and I met while we were attending Casper College in 1978-79. We both rodeoed for Casper College. We were married November 10, 1979. We've been married 37 years. We have two married children and our first grandson. We own and operate the Powder River Rodeo Company for the last 31 years. The photo is of us at NFR after receiving the award for being one of the top five honorees for PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year. — Lori Franzen

Lori and Hank Franzen

A winning team: Denise and Josh Mavencamp

My husband Josh and I met while on the livestock judging team at Casper College in the fall of 2000 and we started dating in May of 2001, married in September 2003, and now live in Idaho and raise Angus cattle and show lambs. We have three beautiful boys, ages 9, 7 and 4, and a beautiful life all because of Casper College. — Denise Mavencamp

Denise and Josh Mavencamp


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