Tuition Assistance – Guard and Reserve

The Wyoming National Guard Education Assistance Program will help finance your college tuition. If you’re already a member of the Wyoming Army National Guard or the Wyoming Air National Guard, or if you are thinking about joining, you can take advantage of the program.

As long as you have spent at least six years in the Wyoming Guard, or are currently serving under your first six-year enlistment period, you are eligible to participate. Every Guard member using the plan must agree to serve two years in the Wyoming Guard after the last academic term for which they receive assistance.

Please abide by these few, simple requirements each semester you want to use your benefits:

To maintain eligibility of education benefits;

  • Maintaining a “C” average
  • Keeping up with Guard standards for drill attendance.
  • Adhering to Guard fitness requirements.
  • Making sure you serve in the Guard at least two years after you graduate or stop using the Plan.