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Visual Arts Department

Casper College offers a quality visual arts education based on a foundation of both traditional and contemporary practices and ideas, promoting visual literacy, aesthetics and criticism.

What are the features of Casper’s program?

Visual Arts students gain the ability to think and work imaginatively to better meet the challenges of contemporary society, as well as deepen their personal aesthetic understanding. The environment in the Visual Arts Center is always lively and very conducive to creative growth and intellectual change.

Graduates of the Visual Arts Department with Associate of Fine Art studio degrees will have a basic understanding of drawing, two and three-dimensional design and media and a basic understanding of the history of art. Graduates of an Associate of Arts degree in Art will have an overview of studio foundations and art history. Graduates of the Associate of Arts Museum/Gallery Studies degree will have an understanding of basic operations of a museum or gallery and an overview of the history and changing role of these facilities in society.

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“Working as a teacher at CC has been a dream job for me. I love being in the classroom sharing and playing with my students. So cliché, I know, but it’s the truth.”

— Mike Olson, ceramics instructor

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Associate of Arts degrees

Associate of Fine Arts degrees



NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design)

NASAD is an association of approximately 294 schools of art and design, primarily at the collegiate level, but also including postsecondary non-degree-granting schools for the visual arts disciplines. Casper College’s visual arts programs are all accredited by NASAD. For more information about NASAD accreditation, please visit their website at


Contact Info

Chontelle Gray

Academic Chair, Music and Theatre and Dance

Tabitha Siemens

Fine Arts and Humanities Academic Assistant

Justin Hayward

 Academic Chair Fine Arts

Lisa Johnson

 Academic Chair, English and World Languages

Julia Whyde

Interim Dean, School of Fine Arts and Humanities