About Trademarks and Licensing

Any commercial use of Casper College’s name or trademarks requires advanced permission from the college via a contract or trademark license agreement. Once approved, the business or person requesting permission becomes a “licensee” and the individual products or services become “licensed products” or “licensed services.”

Casper College has contracted with CLC licensing to help manage the college’s trademark and licensing program. CLC helps to administer the application process, collect royalties, assist with artwork approvals, and provide guidance with enforcement.

Prior to the production of any merchandise containing Casper College marks, licensees must submit a copy of any and all artwork using the CLC artwork approval process. Artwork approval is required for each new design or application produced, regardless of who orders it. This includes merchandise ordered by college departments and student groups/organizations.

The requirement for artwork approval is to ensure that the marks of the college are correctly presented, and do not reflect unfavorably on the college in the context in which they will be used. The college will attempt to provide as much design latitude as possible, keeping in mind the intended consumers; however designs for events that promote alcoholic beverages or drinking will not be approved. All designs submitted are held in confidence, and are not shared with nor made available to other licensees, retailers, or college departments for copying.​

Vendors Wanting to Obtain a License

There are two license categories available for Casper College trademarks:
  1. Standard License — allows you to produce products for resale, including, but not limited to, wholesale and retail.
  2. Internal Usage License — allows you to produce products intended to be sold directly to the college that are not for resale. This does not include sales to the Jack McCann College Store. This license only applies when items of internal usage are exempt from royalties.​
Licensee Application Process

Complete the application form. Submit with application the fee and a representative generic sample of the product(s). Note: Do not include the college’s trademark on the sample. If approved, the process will move into the licensing phase.

Licensing phase: A licensing agreement will be sent to your attention. Complete it and submit with an advance royalty payment and a certificate of adequate insurance. Licenses expire June 30 each year.

Artwork and administration phase: The completed licensing agreement will be returned to the new licensee along with artwork, “Collegiate Licensed Product” labeling information and royalty reporting forms.

Product approvals: Submit a finished sample for approval before selling your product.

Please anticipate a three- to four-week timeframe for completion of the license application.

Information for Students, Faculty and Staff

The Casper College Public Relations Department manages the commercial use of the college’s name and all identifying marks, both on and off campus, to ensure the protection of Casper College’s excellent reputation and maintain high standards of use. Campus departments, student organizations and external groups frequently purchase merchandise that use college symbols, logos, and marks. These items range from lapel pins, backpacks, and mugs, to types of clothing and even high-end merchandise for special occasions. Since each of these is an extension of the college’s image, and just as there are standards for print material, there are standards for items available for retail sale or for use by organizations.

Only campus departments and student organizations that are officially recognized by or are part of the college are allowed to use Casper College logos, symbols and trademarks in conjunction with their name, and in doing so, must have approval prior to use.

Casper College products can be made only by licensees who are under contract with CLC, the college’s licensing agency. The licensing program through CLC protects Casper College’s name and image. It is up to a department’s or a group’s advantage to use licensees registered with CLC as they are most familiar with what is allowed, and can save time, money, and effort due to their expertise. Casper College licensees pay for the right to produce Casper College items, so they carry appropriate liability insurance, know our policies concerning appropriate use of trademarks, can often create designs that will be approved, and know whom to contact at Casper College regarding questions and approvals.

Student Organizations and Clubs

Officially recognized student organizations or clubs may purchase merchandise displaying both the student organization’s name and college trademarks for internal use with permission of the Casper College Public Relations Department.

College trademarks may not be altered and all merchandise must include the student organization’s name prominently on the product. Student organizations are required to use licensed manufacturers for merchandise purchased for the organization’s internal use as well as for external use.

All merchandise purchased for use by organization members only will be exempt from royalties. Royalties will not be included in the price to the organization.

If the merchandise is for resale to anyone else, even as a fundraiser for charity, royalties must be paid by the vendor and will be reflected in the price to the organization placing the order.

Club sports will be allowed to use the Casper College logo or simply CASPER COLLEGE on their apparel, provided that they state “CLUB” proceeding or followed by the sport, i.e. “BASEBALL CLUB” or “CLUB HOCKEY.”

Steps for Approval

Please do this before you create your purchase order.

  1. Submit a request to public relations using the online request system (Web Help Desk). Students will need assistance from their advisor to access this system. If you have a specific product in mind, include the link to the product’s information in the request.
  2. Public Relations will assist you in the artwork development.
  3. Once artwork is approved, public relations will create the order and notify you once it has arrived.

Questions? Call or email the public relations department at 307-268-2845 or We’re here to assist you in all aspects of ordering your internal Casper College merchandise.

College Departments

Merchandise or Promotional Items

College departments may purchase merchandise displaying both the department’s name and college trademarks for internal use with permission of the public relations department.

College trademarks may not be altered and all merchandise must include the department’s name prominently on the product. College departments are required to use licensed manufacturers for merchandise or promotional items purchased for the department’s internal use as well as for external use.

Departments must comply with college purchasing rules.  Please note that if a licensed vendor is not used, the college may not approve funding for the order.

All merchandise and promotional items purchased for use by campus departments that are intended for resale will require the standard royalty be applied to the cost of the product.

Steps for Approval

Please do this before you create your purchase order.

  1. Consider promotional items already supplied by the college. Public Relations maintains an inventory of promotional items for departments to use and keep their costs to a minimum.
  2. Submit a request to public relations using the online request system (Web Help Desk). Please provide as much detail about your request as possible. If you something already in mind, provide the link to the product in your request.
  3. Public Relations will work with you to develop artwork to ensure the artwork fits with the standards in the Casper College Brand Standards Manual.
  4. Once artwork is finalized, Public Relations will submit the order to a licensed vendor. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Questions? Call or email the public relations department at 307-268-2845 or We’re here to assist you in all aspects of ordering your internal Casper College merchandise.

Affiliated Organizations

No organization associated with the college is exempt from the licensing program. All items sold through affiliated organizations bearing college logos must be purchased from licensed manufacturers and such items are not exempt from royalties.

Products, Fundraisers

College departments may use college trademarks to raise funds for their own organizations or solicit charitable support with permission of the Casper College Foundation and public relations department. Items purchased for sale must be acquired from licensed manufacturers and have the design artwork approved by the public relations department (licensed manufacturers will submit the artwork for you). The manufacturer will be required to pay royalties on the product in such cases. Merchandise for resale, even as a fundraiser for charity, requires royalties to be paid by the manufacturer.

Artwork and Photography

Photographs and artwork bearing the college’s name, logo, marks, or other reference are included in the licensing program. This includes reproductions and mass-produced artwork that refer to the college.

Trademark Registration Assistance for Departments

The public relations department is the designated clearinghouse for all college-related trademarks. All college-derived marks are the property of Casper College and will be registered as such in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and/or the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

The following are standards for the use of Casper College’s name, logos, and other marks in conjunction with partnerships or sponsorships:

Casper College’s athletic marks (Thunderbirds name and logos) may only be used for partnerships approved by athletics. If a business that wishes to use the Casper College Thunderbirds name, trademarks or logos in association with its business, the business will need prior permission from the Casper College Public Relations Department at 307-268-2456.

Merchandise produced in conjunction with the sponsorship/partnership must be produced by licensed vendors and is subject to normal licensing approval. All graphic designs included in the item must be submitted to Casper College for approval (licensed manufacturers will submit the artwork for you).

Artwork must be used as designed and may not be altered in any way.

Casper College’s Heyoka design and college seal may not be used.

Merchandise is subject to royalties.

The college’s name/logos may not be used in conjunction with activities promoting alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, sexually oriented products, religious products, bathroom articles, or games of chance.

For single sponsor use, the college’s name/logos must be clearly separate from name, logos, web addresses, or taglines of sponsor (e.g., front and back, opposite sleeves, separate panels).

If there are several sponsors of an event, Casper College’s logo may appear with other sponsors’ logos.

The college’s logos may be used on an approved sponsor’s website but should be linked to the Casper College homepage ( or athletics site ( and shall include a disclaimer that there is no implication of endorsement by Casper College of the company or its products.

Use of Casper College’s name/marks on printed material is subject to approval by the Casper College Public Relations Department.

Printed Materials

A college department or campus organization may use the college logos in printed material without seeking prior permission. However, it is important to use the marks correctly so templates have been created to assist college departments or campus organizations and can be found on the Public Relations page on this website.

If you have any questions that are not addressed in the Casper College Brand Standards Manual and Style Guidelines, please contact public relations at 307-268-2456 or

Unauthorized Use

Trademark infringement is a violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner or any licensees (provided that such authorization was within the scope of the license). Infringement may occur when one party, the “infringer,” uses a trademark that is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark owned by another party in relation to products or services that are identical or similar to the products or services that the registration covers. An owner of a trademark may commence legal proceedings against a party that infringes its registration.

Departments and student organizations are encouraged to contact the public relations department if they wish to use a slogan, or any graphic elements from a logo that could potentially be trademarked already. The public relations department will assist with the investigation of whether your slogan or logo could be infringing on another entity’s trademarks.


Unauthorized Use

A trademark infringement is unauthorized use or similar use of a trademark so as to cause the likelihood of confusion in the minds of the consumers as to the source.

All licensed vendors are required to identify their product with the “Collegiate Licensed Product” label. With this label, alumni, students, fans, and supporters know they are buying a product of quality and authenticity that has been manufactured in accordance with college standards.

The college is prepared to enforce trademark infringements in order to protect its supporters and to protect the college’s assets against the possibility of dilution of its trademarks and their value.

If you believe that you have seen products or services that do not appear to be licensed by Casper College, please contact the public relations department at 307-268-2456 or


Signs of unlicensed merchandise can include the following:

  • No “Collegiate Licensed Product” label shown on the product.
  • Product appears to be very poor quality.
  • Casper College images and logos are distorted or manipulated, sometimes in a distasteful manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is licensing?

Licensing is the granting of permission to use intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents, or technology, under defined conditions.

Q: Who is CLC licensing?

CLC licensing is the entity that has partnered with Casper College in the management of its licensing program. CLC partners with institutions throughout the country. For more information, please visit

Q: Do I have to be licensed?

You must be a licensed vendor IF you are producing any products that bear the trademarks, names or logos of Casper College.

Q: What are the different types of licenses?

There are two license types:

Internal Usage License – this license grants you permission to produce Casper College branded items and sell them back to the college for internal, promotional and or departmental use. Sales of such items are exempt from royalty payments.

Standard License – this license grants you permission to produce Casper College branded items and sell them to and for retail for resale. If your customer will be re-selling an item you are producing, a standard license is required. All sales are subject to the 10 percent royalty fee.

Q: Where do I apply for a license?

Please go to to apply for a license.

Q: How much does it cost to apply?

If this is your first time applying for a license, the application fee is $100. This is an annual license.

Q: I have signed my license agreement, now what?

Once you have signed your agreement and you have received an executed copy from CLC, you are officially licensed and may begin submitting designs for approval, downloading logos, producing Casper College branded products, and reporting royalties. Accompanying your executed agreement will be a few documents outlining how to activate your Core81 account.

Q: How long does my license last?

All licenses are annual, renewable agreements beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. Any agreement that begins within the fiscal year will be prorated to reflect the shortened term.

Q: Are any sales of items exempt from royalties?

Only the sale of licensed products back to the college for internal, promotional or departmental use is exempt from royalties. Royalties are due for items that are sold to retail or will be re-sold.

Q: When are royalties due?

Royalties must be reported by the 20th day after the end of each quarter (April 20, July 20, October 20, January 20). The royalty payments are due to the CLC licensing office by the 30th day after the end of each quarter.

Q: Do I need to submit product designs for approval?

Yes, all product designs that feature a Casper College trademark must be submitted for school approval. All product designs must be sent for approval to Core81.

Q: Do I need to purchase the CLPA labels, hangtags or stickers?

If you carry a standard license and are selling items for resale or retail, yes, you will need to affix the CLPA hangtag, label or sticker to your product. Please visit to order hangtags and labels. We recommend ordering the smallest quantity available for the CLPA hangtags and labels.

Q: Do I need to carry product liability insurance?

Each licensed vendor has a contractual obligation to carry liability insurance and provide a certificate of insurance for its products that bear the logo of the institution(s) for which it is licensed. This liability coverage is required to additionally insure the institutions with which they hold a license and CLC. All insurance requirements, minimum coverage, and sample documents are available on the application at

Q: Who do I contact with questions?

For questions regarding the Casper College licensing program, please contact CLC.