Campus Posting Process

Anyone wishing to place posters, notices, flyers, banners, or other similar materials on campus can submit their request to public relations either in person or through email. The college maintains designated bulletin boards for campus postings. Posting options include:

  • Non-campus affiliated: Non-campus affiliated requests are evaluated based on their communication of specific events and/or services that are of benefit to students or employees. Please provide five (5) copies of the posting with your request. Postings must identify the responsible person or organization. If approved, the public relations office will provide a stamp and date each posting. Postings are typically approved for two weeks and will be removed once expired.
  • Campus affiliated: Campus affiliated organizations include Casper College and recognized student clubs. Campus affiliated requests are sponsored by the college and include the college logo. Postings are posted in reserved locations by public relations and will need to adhere to brand standards of the college.

Any postings, whether affiliated or non-affiliated, must not be libelous, slanderous, obscene, or incite violence.

Postings must not disrupt college programs and operations; duplicate or conflict with an activity or course offered at the college; violate local, state or federal laws or college policies; relate to political campaigning or fundraising to further the cause of a particular candidate, political party, or ballot measure; non-college groups fundraising for external entities; or social events such as weddings, receptions, parties, memorials, funerals, etc.

Any postings on sidewalks, grounds, structures, utility poles, lamp posts, fountains, fixed trash containers, benches, trees, vehicles, etc. are not allowed.

Postings made on campus property without approval or outside designated areas will be considered littering and/or defacing of public property and may be subject to criminal penalty.