Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness seeks to substantiate a culture of effectiveness through clear goals communicated to stakeholders, and data-informed decision making that is mission focused. It advances institutional quality goals through data collection, review, and distribution and continuous improvement via institutional processes. These processes include assessment of student learning, quality assurance through regional accreditation, and review and analysis of institutional data relevant to strategic planning.


Utilize cutting‐edge technology and practices to deliver a rich body of services and tools that are easily accessible, timely, and useful to all institutional stakeholders. The department will lead the college in evidence‐based decisions and serves as the definitive source for trusted information.


Provide accurate and relevant information that empowers Casper College to leverage its data as a strategically vital asset to improve student success and assist with evidence‐based decisions for the college through strategic planning, assessment, academic and administrative review, and accreditation activities.