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Musical Theatre Performance

Photo from performance of Legally Blonde, the musical, at Casper College.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in performing and/or teaching musical theatre?

Choose a specialized track of intensive study in theatre and music, including courses in voice, acting, music theory, keyboarding, and musical theatre history.

The musical theatre performance program at Casper College provides academic and experimental training which equals or exceeds what is offered in the first two years at four-year institutions nationwide. The music and theatre departments at Casper College collaborate on the Associate of Arts in Musical Theatre degree. You will be prepared to transfer to a bachelor's degree program after completing your associate degree at Casper College.

A graduate of the Casper College Associate of Arts in Musical Theatre Performance program:

  • demonstrates self-knowledge and self-awareness of strengths, habitual patterns and areas in need of further development.
  • develops physical and vocal strength, using a foundation of classically-based vocal training, and then musical theatre belt voice as an additional tool.
  • demonstrates the ability to convincingly synthesize song, dance, and acting into performance truth.
  • is an independent, self-learning musician.

These goals are achieved through vigorous coursework and performance opportunities.

Degree info

Casper College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

For requirements and more information about this program, view its listing in the academic catalog:

Why choose Casper College?

With the combination of hardworking and kind students, wonderful facilities, creative and challenging classes, exciting productions, and a dedicated professional faculty and staff, we believe that you have all the resources necessary to succeed.


Theatre and Dance Department Assistant
Office: KT 102
Department Chair;
Music Theatre/Voice Instructor
Office: KT 125
Dean, School of Fine Arts and Humanities
Office: MU 132