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Music Department

Casper College offers a modern and well-equipped program that provides opportunities for students to explore music technology, music education, music performance, musical theatre, or music in the liberal arts curriculum. 

Casper College is a fully accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

There are ten full-time music faculty dedicated to teaching and advising music students to achieve their career goals. Because there are nearly 50 music majors, students at Casper College receive a great deal of individual attention. Perhaps the greatest advantage is the variety of performing ensembles available to all college students, who do not have to compete with upperclassmen to perform in their favorite groups.

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Associate of Arts degrees

Associate of Fine Arts degrees


This handbook has been prepared to answer many of the questions you may have about your study at Casper College. Read it, and it should serve you well. If you have additional questions, please contact any faculty member or me. We will be glad to help you. —Dr. Eric W. Unruh, Dean, School of Fine Arts and Humanities

  • Music activity scholarship  — Awarded by the Casper College Music Department. Follow instructions detailed on the activity scholarship application.

  • Casper College scholarships — Both merit and need based scholarships are available. Scholarship awards are intended to recognize academic and other achievements, to encourage performance, and to assist as many qualified students as possible.

Music Theory Placement Exam

As a music major at Casper College, you will take four semesters of Written Theory, Aural Theory, and Class Piano. Your success in these classes is dependent upon already having had enough musical experience to be able to read music and to demonstrate a basic perception of pitch and rhythm. To make sure you are prepared for the core sequence of theory classes, as a new music major at Casper College you will be required to take the Music Theory Placement Exam. Learn more about the placement exam ...

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Event Proposal (faculty use only)

Instrument Rental Agreement Contract (faculty and student use)


Academic Assistant, School of Fine Arts & Humanities
Office: MU 137
Program Director;
Music (Strings/Orchestra) Instructor
Office: MU 211
Dean, School of Fine Arts and Humanities
Office: MU 132